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Is console fixed?

justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

I'm unable to play till tonight so just need feedback is it fixed? Ps4 specifically


  • rottmeisterrottmeister Member Posts: 316

    Don't wanna jinx it, *but* it seems to be playing quite a bit better.

    Played against Nemesis and I didn't have many FPS drops. Like I even want to say 0.

    - PS4 Pro user

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,248

    It's better. Still some issues, but nowhere near as bad.

  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864
    edited July 2021

    It's back to pre-RE, but Nemesis is the laggiest killer in game unfortunately. Mind you I've only been able to play on the RE map, so maybe it's just the map

  • Lx_maliceLx_malice Member Posts: 1,388

    It's great now. No more random stutters, but dead hard still freezes the game for me.

  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

    Thanks guys for info

  • Kill_Yr_Idol83Kill_Yr_Idol83 Member Posts: 194

    I've been playing for a couple hours and it's not that much better. The RPD map still causes framerate drops, Dead Hard causes them too. There's also still framereate drops playing as killer. Survivor is a tad bit better but the drops are still happening as well as freezes when doing actions like opening a chest or cleansing a totem when players are nearby. Basically, it's still in a bad state.

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