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... really man ...


  • MauXD24MauXD24 Member Posts: 44

    that isn't even a bug lmao

  • ErasoxErasox Member Posts: 13

    Many animations are shit..they changed that look at the hook are faster on hooking as filling the bar..


    But that was garbage in the vid.. i can remember you can grab someone in the mid-phase animation but not in the end animation.

  • thekiller490490thekiller490490 Member Posts: 403

    Just that grab animation is dog shit. Devs need to change it. Stop bufing killers and switch to survivors

    lol please let me know why you feel killers don't deserve the buffs they are getting? Any part of an animation can be interrupted and that window is very small in most cases.
  • ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 110

    If the killer grabs you in the animation, he will get you.
    The animation ends, when the hatch is closed.
    No bug or anything.

  • RockyRocky Member Posts: 7

    better wait when killer hit you. 8-)

  • BigBubsBigBubs Member Posts: 183
    edited October 27

    @TheMystercy said:
    ... really man ...

    Should have went for the hatch as soon as you could hear it instead of hiding , you had shitload of time.
    And what's the bug? I don't see one.

  • BigKrazyKagBigKrazyKag Member Posts: 25

    Ahh the satisfaction of pulling some one from the hatch. So rare .....

  • OakLestatOakLestat Member Posts: 73

    Nice Grab. such fun moments

  • SpicybarbecueSpicybarbecue Member Posts: 37

    yet another 12 yr old standing off at the hatch for like 20 mins..just remove the damn hatch.

  • TigerKirby215TigerKirby215 Member Posts: 257

    You got caught at the last second. Feels bad man, but it's completely intended.

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