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The Afterpiece Antidote / In the Zone Challenge

So way back when Behavior introduced this new ability to Clown I never really gave it a second thought and I don't think I ever even used it but with this new challenge requiring me to hit 4 Survivors while invigorated I had to use it and first impressions? It's horrible. It has like a 3-5 second delay before it even activates and when you do get invigorated it only lasts for 5 measly seconds.

So in order to use this effectively...you'll have to be in a specific scenario where you throw it far in front of the Survivor you're chasing then hope that 1) They don't just run to it since they see the gray cloud and thus know it's a speed boost or 2) The Survivor doesn't just cut a corner which there are a lot of as well as windows. Because you're not gonna be able to run to that, get the boost, then get the Survivor in 5 seconds. I even struggled with the Solvent Jug (Moderately increases the Invigorated effect duration)

The chance of success in using this ability are low in my opinion and this challenge requires you to get 4 hits in a single trial? I tried using it for 2 games but I couldn't get good use out it. The only way I completed the challenge was with the Solvent Jug, VHS Porn and face camping a Survivor.

Thoughts? Do you believe the Afterpiece Antidote is garbage?

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