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Killer challenge (kind of)

justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521
edited July 2021 in General Discussions

So I did this thing last night where I played every single killer (well at least the ones I have unlocked) and here's my impression:

Spirit:very powerful and strong and I like her she's fun to play as and against? Not really lol

Wraith:actually I have a lot of fun with wraith idk if it's because of his buff but his power was really interesting and fun and mixing it with add ons is even better

Plague:fun killer but not my cup of tea anymore I used to play her but she's not reliable anyhow

Freddy:as much as I hate him I had a lot of fun and there's just more of his power to play around and it's interesting in my opinion

Pig:Nerf Pig

Demogorgon:demo puppy is so fun and good even tho he isn't the strongest killer he's definitely skill required and thats what makes him interesting for me

Nurse:Rip my ankles

Deathslinger:very boring and annoying gameplay I couldn't wait to finish the match

Trapper :at this point I only play him for his leather noise nothing else he's too weak rn

Bubba:I might be wrong on this one because I got haddonfield but I find Bubba very boring

Pyramid head:very good but needs a lot of practice his power is easily avoidable

Sorry for the too long text I'm just bored lol

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