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Steam Deck (Handheld PC). Are you getting it and if so will you play DBD on it?

PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 977
edited July 31 in Polls

Just curious to see if anyone here is getting the Steam Deck (a handheld PC) and is going to play DBD on it. I've thought about purchasing a Switch for a while for this reason but the Steam Deck was announced a few weeks ago and since it's a "PC", I can simply login to Steam and progress on my main account.

I suspect based off of competing handheld devices that DBD will actually run just fine even if it is on low or medium settings.

Steam Deck (Handheld PC). Are you getting it and if so will you play DBD on it? 18 votes

I'm getting the Steam Deck and will play DBD on it!
MrOogieboogieLadyMaria 2 votes
FallenRanger0TapeKnotJacoby2041musstang62anonymous31337InsaneCoasterMooksCornHubChurchofPigxtr4meFobboHex_LlamaBoobaTheGannManHuge_Bush[Deleted User] 16 votes


  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 7,240

    Personally no. I got a switch and would very rarely use it anyways.

    but if you are thinking about purchasing a Switch or Steam Deck just/mainly for DbD I would very much advise you to get the Steam Deck. Because even if Switch will get cross-progression, performance can’t really be worse than on Switch..

  • HellraisingPredatorHellraisingPredator Member Posts: 71

    Maybe. Depends on reviews when it's out and reports on how DBD runs on it.

  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 275

    As much as I can respect the design of the Steam Deck, I don't really feel like it's for me, or at least certainly not for a game like DBD. I don't feel that comfortable playing on such a small screen with controller inputs. Just doesn't feel right.

  • BoobaBooba Member Posts: 56

    I will purchase Steam Deck only when they announce Among Us on it. 

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,751

    I've been thinking seriously about it- the ability to access my steam library from anywhere actually sounds really attractive I'm not gonna lie.

    It's kind of a wait and see type of deal, the announcement of the Steam Deck really came out of nowhere and the more I hear about it the more it sounds like it might actually be even better than the switch. But I gotta see what other people think of it first and whether it's actually a reliable console or not.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 5,979

    I love my PC and will continue to play on my PC.

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 767
    edited July 31

    Where's the "I'm getting the Steam Deck but won't be playing DBD on it" option. I already have too big a time investment on my Xbox (my Ace has a 3rd Year Cake for crying out loud) that unless cross-progression gets added I'm not playing DBD on another system. Even if that does happen, I prefer using my hand-held consoles on the go (the only time I use my Switch docked is with friends playing SSBU, other times it's with me on long trips). If I have the money, I'm likely getting a steam deck but I don't imagine me playing DBD on it.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 977

    I would be in the sameish boat as you but couldn't help but reserve it due to the shortage of chipsets nowadays. I've only payed £4 to reserve it and can get that money refunded in steam wallet if I ever change my mind about actually ordering it when my order email finally pops up.

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