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Infinite Adrenaline Haste effect

ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 717

Platform - Steam.

Yesterday, while playing as Jake Park, I had a match, where my Adrenaline activated and its effect (Haste) remained active up until the end of the match, instead of being active for 5 as it should. Even when I was walking, even after I was downed and even while I was hooked. Not sure what exactly prompted it to stay permanent, but my perks included: level 1 Adrenaline, level 2 Resilience, level 3 Spine Chill and level 3 Borrowed Time.

I was the one who finished the last generator while being injured.

I'm not sure if it's a frequent bug (at least I haven't had it any other time), but recently there was a similar issue with Lithe being infinite, so I guess it's something of the same nature (given that Haste effect was permanent in both situations). Below I attach screenshot-proof of me having a non-stop Haste effect:

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