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Either remove or rework the police station!

OMG this map is CANCER, you can't see #########, its too dark!

You can't cut paths, there are only corridors and walls everywhere!!!

Way too big, way too confusing, way too hard to traverse and to change floors, who the ######### thought this map was ok for this game!?

Whenever i get this map from now on i'll just DC or AFK at a random corner, i will never even try playing on it again because its EXTREMELY frustrating!

Even when i 4K its not worth the stress and all the pain i have to go through!


  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,137

    They need to make it into variations like badham. East Wing and West Wing or upstairs and downstairs. I would go with the wings though with both seperated from the main hall so that is in both variations.

    Then again they could do 4 variations on all I said above

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 458

    Yeah i also had this same idea, its mind blowing how hey couldnt figure it out by themselves, this maps is too big and should be split into 3-4 variations, also increase the lighting and make it less confusing to traverse, i constantly get lost in this map, specially when playing doctor or trapper, Infectious fright or anything that show where survivors are.

  • JunylarJunylar Member Posts: 1,440

    Nope, the monies have already been spent, now enjoy BHVR's hard work and wait for the next licensed chapter with a map that will prove you RPD wasn't that bad.

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