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Rancor is not working properly!

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Just played a match where i wasnt able to kill the obsession after all gens were done, here is how it was:

I spawned at Ormonds while playing Leatherface with NOED, Rancor, No way Out and Remember Me.

First obsession was Jake. Got 2 stacks of RM on him and 1 hook.

Later on i hooked Laurie, she threw herself onto me right after the first hooked, DSed and became the new obsession.

She then got killed after giving me 2 extra RM tokens.

All gens got done while i was putting Jake on his second hook.

Gates got blocked with 3 tokens on NWO and i started looking for the others...

Found David on the second floor of the main building next to the hooked Jake and right after that i saw Adam going for the save.

David got downed and i reached Adam before he saved Jake which died on the hook.

I hooked Adam, he unhooked himself by pure luck and just as Laurie, threw himself at me and DSed (once again changing the obsession).

I downed him right before he was able to reach David who was still on the second floor of the Hotel, but when i tried to kill him using Rancor, there wasnt such option, i kept hitting the air, tried to move him around the hallway but that didnt help.

In the end i had to hook them both even tho i was using this perk only to be able to watch Bubbas Mori...

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  • InsatiableMopInsatiableMop Member Posts: 325

    Me thinks its whoever is your obsession when the gates are powered. obsession changes after that don't let you keep killing i don't think

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