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Hello everyone,
the new roadmap is out and i think that a lot of people love to see what will be done in this year. I personaly think its a great way of communication with the fans of DBD and also a pretty nice insight but there is one thing that i personally don´t understand / like and i would love to have your opinions about that.

I personally think that the new way of patching is a very bad solution and hurts the game in a long turn.

Here is why:

It will took to long to fix Bugs and also disbalance issues.

  • when something is broken or changes are not as good as hoped by the community and the developers there will be a huge time till this will be fixed / changed because there is only one patch per season + one update. (a good example is the current problem with high rank killers dont finding games) Of course the Devs could make some hotfixes and patch the issues but i personally think that this will take to long.

The game is extremly unbalanced against the killers and this will harm the community because Main Killers are not playing this game anymore**

  • At the moment i think the game is very unbalanced in the point of view by the killer - Survivors are to strong with their perks (selfeheal for example is way to powerfull because it changes the complete game for survivors - from playing carefully to: "i do what ever i want because when i get a hit i dont care" / Palet Looping is way to strong as well. One Survivor can outplay the Killer pretty easy and buy the whole team enough time to finish all the gens.).

I personally think that a game like DBD should be a game where you should be scared to play against a killer because if you make mistakes you are in real danger to loose the game. At the moment it took 4 Survivors arround 4 to 5 Minutes to complete the Game (all 4 Gens) if they are playing well. As a Killer you have no chance to work against that (Ruin is destroyed pretty quick if survivors run the right perk or are lucky enough to spawn right in front of it. Thrill of the Hunt can expand the time a little bit but good survivors can easy play arround Ruin and finishing the gens without destroying the totems. As a Killer you are forced to use perks that are slowing the game down (Tana / Ruin etc.) or to help to destroy the palets/ Stuns pretty quick (Endurance/ Brutal Strenght) and in this way the game is pure stress for killers. As a Killer you should be in the Situation to force the survivors to play carefully. At the Moment survivors can play extremly bad and still win.

**So here is my Suggestion how to fix the problem and i would love to get the feedback from the dev´s and the community:

** Would it not be much easyer to have patches that fix problems as soon as they are known instead of waiting a couple of weeks or even months to fix the issues? In this manner you could improve the game in small steps and have a more faster workflow. You know the problem - you find a solution - you implement the solution and if it is still not working you can still fix this in a smal ammount of time instead of living with the problems for the next months.

Iam looking forward for your feedback :)


  • weirdkid5weirdkid5 Member Posts: 2,093

    You can't do this simply because console certification takes quite a while. It's a long process and you can't simply slam updates after updates without possibly making more bugs pop up. Almost no game actually patches problems this quickly unless it is absolutely game breaking.

    It's simply unrealistic. With Sony and Microsoft, certification takes a couple weeks and the devs like to try and make sure all versions of DbD are up to date. Throwing update after update at the consoles would not be feasible, and it is simply better to bulk fix bugs in a larger update. It sucks, but it is what it is. It's a part of the process of game design.

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