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Event farming = Griefing

First of all, i really enjoy the event and i like the mechanic of additional objectives. But what i really don't like are the griefers. I just want to play the game as it is supposed to be, no matter if there is an event or not. There are a lot of matches where the killer just wants to farm by hooking every survivor. The big problem here is, you can't do anything against it because sooner or later you get hard tunneled by the killer and even the survivors try to sandbag you. I'm pretty sure there are matches where killer and survivor know each other. So nice to know that you are just a farming toy. And on top of that, you even get insulted in the after game chat by trash talk like "Next time you die noob, ez farming", only because i want to play the game normally. Pretty good job so far! And you can't even report those griefers mostly because there is currently a bug where the tally screen is broken and you can't open a players profile or open the report dialog either.


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200

    You should always avoid events like this if you havent grown a thick skin until now.
    Events is always when the game is completely broken (sadly)

  • SolidestBaker35SolidestBaker35 Member Posts: 15
    Honestly, just ignore them, if you don’t wanna farm, you don’t have too. Just leave immediately after saying gg and if they manage to slip a few words in, ignore them :chuffed:
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