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MMR doing a reverse?

DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118
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I didn't realize MMR was activated until I saw it in the Forums last night and I've been playing for a bit. I assumed it happened when the viewing of players ranks was disabled. Here's my experience so far in the dozens of matches I played since it was switched on.

My games are definitely a little bit easier now based on the string of victories so far with no losses (that being consistent 3-4k's). I don't have to tear my hair out with gen-rushers, I don't have to sweat (As much) in chases when dealing with SWF groups rocking all the same Meta perks with tool boxes/flash lights. Their skill level is on par with mine (for the most part). With that being said, I HAVE had a Survivor or 2 in some of my matches where I'm chasing them and you can easily tell "You shouldn't be up against me, you're still wet behind the ears".

Now onto the other posts I'm seeing, it seems that a lot of the complaints is that it's gotten harder for players doing the MMR now. If we ignore the bits that run into hackers (I ran into them too, many times before MMR became a thing. I actually haven't ran into one so far that I know of sine it was switched on), it seems you guys are getting frustrated that you're finally going up against competent Survivors. And by my interpretation, you were voluntarily choosing to stay in the lower ranks to "casually play" with Survivors who were not on your skill level. This was the whole reason MMR became a thing, so that very skilled players don't go against not so skilled players.

If your complaint is "I'm not getting 4k's as easily now and now I have to 'sweat' to win", cool story bro. You're right where you're supposed to be. Matches shouldn't be a walk in the park for you as a Survivor or Killer where you can just casually do Gens or Chases with no effort or casually hooking Survivors left and right before the first or second gen pops.

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  • dbdgamer123dbdgamer123 Member Posts: 103

    just be happy that you dont play against 3k-9k hour players basically every game.

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    But I have, hundreds of matches have gone against Survivors who far outplay in every regard even before the MMR. I only have about 2k hours into this game in total and checking my recent players, I've gone against 6 individuals who had 6K+ hours, and 2 who had 3.5k+ hours. There's probably more but I'm not going to scour for them.

  • casper11casper11 Member Posts: 4

    It's not quite right, I think it struggles with infrequent players.

    My survivor games - the role I play more often - have all been wipes, but wipes that felt like a couple better decisions somewhere could have reversed it. Though I have noticed more tunnelling and camping, which has made them less fun, even compared to 4k wipes before. I also played 2 matches right at the start against clearly deranking killers, which I think might have artificially boosted my own hidden rating.

    My killer games have been genuinely demotivating. I don't play much killer - I kind of go 20 -> 18 -> 20 across every reset period. I'd say realistically I'm about 14-15 on skill, and would feel it fair to play players in that ballpark - but based on messaging post-match I keep getting rank 3-8 survivors. I've totalled 4 hooks and 1 kill (a Leon who took pity on me in endgame and died to the entity) across 7 matches since SBMM.

    I'm not against SBMM, but I think if nothing else it needs a mechanic to swing too-easy/too-hard each match as it narrows down, because realistically the result of being completely outmatched so many games in a row is just that I quit until the test ends. I don't know if anyone else has had a similar experience? I think most people who play as infrequently/poorly as me at killer probably aren't on the forums so I guess we're unlikely to hear their experience lol

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,675

    Cool story bro

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    Typically in the forums, it seems people main one side over the other. You got some players that just don't play the opposite side at all. I main Killer hard, so when it comes to complaints on the forums of tunneling and face camping bubbas, it's so rare for me to see and understand because it doesn't happen to me. Even when I do player Survivor sometimes who maintains Rank 1 or has to crawl back up from the low ranks due to low activity as a solo Survivor. (before MMR).

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    Rank 1. So the variety of players ranged from potato's to SWF death squads, typically the latter more often than not.

  • DeferloDeferlo Member Posts: 111

    TLDR: Tried the new MMR on a new account with my weakest killer, got paired with player of my skill level after 5 matches.

    I commented yesterday about how i just started a new account for 2 friend and we got matched against a strong player in our third game (we got destroyed, 2 beginner and 1 experienced against a 1500h experienced killer).

    So i thought i would try the killer side. I decided to play billy and nurse, the only killer i have been too afraid to try on my main account so that i can take my time with their power and practice while the baby survivor do their thing. Of course for 4 straight game, i got a 4k because even if i was messing around all match they stood no chance during a chase since they were new (the player with the most experience during those matches had 40h i think).

    From the 5th match until now, all my matches had at least two 500h+ player in it. While they are my skill level, i don't even know how i got from 40h player to 500h+ in a game. If i was just a beginner with some prior knowledge of the game i would have gotten bullied like hell in those matches even if know that by getting no kill in those matches i would have returned to playing against weaker player).

    I am not complaining about the new system, it's just that while the MMR seems to kinda work, from a beginner point of view, the change seems a bit too big for the learning curve.

  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 867

    I tried introducing 2 friends to the game today (I have 3k hours, they have 0 each). We go against a Spirit that's brand new and barely manage to escape, but in the end all 3 did, with the rando dying. Killer had about 60 hours in the game, so it seemed fair, cause I am pretty good at looping and they barely know what pallets are, so they dragged me down a bit.

    Next game we go against Ruin, Undying, BBQ Tinkerer Wraith with 13k hours and didn't stand a chance. Afterwards Spirit withh Ruin, Undying, BBQ and Pop, after that another wraith with Ruin, Pop, Enduring and BBQ, after that Blight with Ruin, Undying, BBQ and Tinkerer, afterwards Trickster with Ruin, Undying, BBQ and Bamboozle and final game was Hillbilly with Ruin, Undying, BBQ and Infectious. We all died, or at best, one person got hatch those games.

    Idk how high our MMR went up from that first Spirit game, but damn, must've been a lot to end up with all these sweatlords. Safe to say they don't wanna play until the MMR test is finished.

  • casper11casper11 Member Posts: 4

    Yeah, I think it doesn't weigh the opponent ability into its idea of your skill, purely the result, so it ends up overcompensating

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