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Questions Regarding Stranger Things Leaving...

Just kinda figured I would go ahead and make a thread with some of my major questions regarding the changes- and I'm going to try to keep all of this out of the realm of repeating questions.

-> Will the in-game perk icons continue to have the resemblance to the Stranger Things characters if you bought the DLC, or are they going to be turned into the more generic faces/features we've seen from other perks? (Examples being The Nightmare on Elm Street perks back in the beginning of Switch.)

-> Will there be any chance that there will be attempts in the future to get the license renewed to bring back these characters?

-> Will Hawkins offerings be locked out in a similar way to all other discontinued offerings? (Such as the super old map offerings, splinters, and bouquets?)

-> Since the Hawkins map is being removed, are we getting any sort of replacement for the map with a similar sort of theme and idea of multi-storied laboratory? (Because I know that while it's not necessarily a well-loved map, I think it's at least agreeable to say that it was a really aesthetically pleasing map with a lot of interesting loops in it.)

-> Will Demo's Add-Ons also be receiving a re-name/brand, away from the current cannon names (Like Barb's Glasses and Eleven's Soda getting renamed?)

-> Will this stop Demo from getting balance changes in the future if it's deemed necessary?

-> How will these characters appear for players who did not purchase the DLC before the cut-off date? Will they be viewable from the character select, or will they just be completely hidden? (As that part of it is a lot different then what we had with Bill on console in the beginning and the Nightmare on Elm Street stuff on Switch.)

-> Will the voices, sfx, etc remain the same for these characters going forward, or will that be receiving a change as well?

I'm not expecting all of these to be answered, but I'm curious to see what everyone else's questions are too! (I know there's also a lot of talk about how the achievements for those characters will be treated going forward, but I figured that was a common enough question to leave it out of this list.)

What's everyone else's biggest questions regarding this change?



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