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Killler idea: Herbert West. The Re-Animator

Herbert West - The  Re-Animator

weapon: Syringe

Power: “I gave him life”

Dr West starts with a syringe of reagent. Over time the syringe fills more to a total of 4 uses. Around the map are corpses that Dr West can reanimate. Depending on how strong the reagent shot is (1,2,3,4) dictates how strong and for how long the corpse is active. 

At one shot,the corpse is slow, and remains reanimated for 15 seconds. A hit will cause survivors to scream.

Two shots, the corpse will move slightly faster for 20 seconds. A hit will require mending.

Three shots, the corpse is fast and is reanimated for 25 seconds. A hit will injure a survivor.

Four shots, the corpse is slow and is reanimated for 30 seconds. A hit will put survivors in a dying state.


“Life’s work”

After hitting a survivor, if they escape, their scratch marks stay for 3,5,7 seconds longer.

“Fresher the better”

When a survivor heals themselves within your terror radius see the survivors aura for 5,10,15 seconds.

“How do you feel”

Once per trial, you become obsessed with one survivor. The longer you take to sacrifice them but still hit them, the faster the entity is summoned.


  • TheGhostofZgorTheGhostofZgor Member Posts: 334

    Alternatively, his power could work like The Twins and he carries a severed hand with him. When he reanimates it it becomes playable and can attack survivors, like Victor.

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