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Deathslinger's Redeemer Should Have Limb-physics Like Pinhead's Chains

This would not only look better, but it would also give everyone a clear indicator as to where they were actually shot. Making it obvious if there was lag involved or if they just hit a clutch shot on the last possible bit of skin available lol

Maybe add an animation, if they were shot in the foot, the survivor is dragged along the floor, and as the deathsling releases the chain to go for a hit the survivor pushes up instantly into a run. Shot in the back of the head, the survivor is reeled in like their hair is being pull etc etc


  • KnotEnthusiastKnotEnthusiast Member Posts: 464

    While I would like the idea, I think that's a bit too much work for BHVR to do for something purely cosmetic.

    Also I love the idea that a heavy AF spear fired out of a rifle would get caught in someone's hair rather than just absolutely blow their brains out lmao

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