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Killers should be stronger. Survivors should be scared.

TheGhostofZgorTheGhostofZgor Member Posts: 334
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Escaping should be a challenge and rewarding. The killers should be stronger and scary and you should have to be carful how you play as a survivor to avoid and escape. You shouldn’t have time or the confidence to troll the killer. I’m convinced this is why killers are being tryhards, tunneling and camping so much. There’s been a dynamic shift.

(yes I just had a string of REALLY bad troll games)

ps: I know I’m gonna get some serious crap for this.

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  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,395

    If survivors lost a rank or 2 pips if they lost a match, that would make them scared 👌

  • TheGhostofZgorTheGhostofZgor Member Posts: 334

    Good point. It shouldn’t be impossible to escape and, of course, it’s also up to how someone plays the killer but it should be killer sided, at least more so than survivor.

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 618

    The problem I feel is how the developers see the term of "balance" in their game. In their eyes, an average of 2 survivors should be able to escape the match. I disagree with that philosophy.

  • TheGhostofZgorTheGhostofZgor Member Posts: 334

    Yeah, overpower was the wrong word. I’ll change it to stronger has that’s more so what I mean.

  • A_Can_Of_AirA_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 1,456
    edited August 2021

    DbD is not the horror game it wishes it was. When you first start, the game is pretty scary and intimidating. I remember my first game as a Survivor hiding behind a rock that was miles away from the Pale Rose where Bubba was patrolling (back before they reduced the size of the map as well and before Bubba was buffed). Once you get into the routine of the trials, there are very few scares left. Undetectable and stealth Killers are the main scare elements. I've watched back a few of my Pinhead games recently and his new perk that makes Survivors oblivious makes for some pretty funny jump scare moments.

    If you make Killers too strong, this will be abused by further strengthening camping and tunnelling. The current balance state of the game is fragile, and tipping the scales too far will result in a very quick backpedal. Changes to balance have to be made in small amount over a period of time when it comes to an asymmetrical game. Symmetrical games like Overwatch are much more simple to make balancing changes for compared to a game like this.

    Each side wants what's best for balance but all we can do is hope that BHVR knows what it's doing...

    The scare factor in this game is short lived, and any scares you can get nowadays are from accidentally running into the Killer or being made oblivious/facing stealth Killers. Or if you have a fear of Clowns or gore and gross things like puke and conjoined Twins.

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,228

    I agree with you a bit. I mean, that is the reason I enjoyed F13. Yah you can mess with Jason... but it was risky. It made the game very creepy and suspenseful ^^

    I do think there are a few killers in this game that are a real threat but we have way too many weak killers. I have been playing a lot of twins lately and I feel they are in not so good place right now. I mean, I am not the best with them but I also never see them being played which I think speaks volumes for where they are at right now :<

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759

    They just need to rework tiles to actually have mindgames.

    For example shack. Remove the boarded up windows and all the gaps in the palings so the survivor can't see anything inside.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,606

    Mozzie, right now killers kill well above 2 survivors on average. If you're not managing that yourself that's you bud. How easy do they have to make killer for you personally to get more than 2 kills on average?

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,734

    Well, you can make the game scarier for survivors without touching the balance aspect, but I suppose that is not exactly this thread's topic.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,606

    The whole make the game scarier has never made sense to me. But I personally don't like the horror genre. But I love the asymmetrical hunter/prey dynamic that DBD has.

  • WexlerWendigoWexlerWendigo Member Posts: 1,867

    In your mind the 68% kill rate should be increased to what? If it wasn’t feasible for players of all skill to escape & kill, the game would be less satisfying and harder to learn.

    There are already strong killers in the game, and yes many need buffs, but if you are seeking an experience of purely trying to attain dominance, then nurse, blight, spirit, Hag all exist. You shouldn’t instantly be able to dominate as killer, it requires time and effort to learn them to the highest level, which is how it should be. Ultimately, we all care way too much about kills, escaping, pipe, etc.

    I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with trolling, but this isn’t mutual to one side. Solo players have to deal with their teammates dying instantly, god pallet being dropped at 5 gens, people refusing to save their team, facecamping killers, etc.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 6,606

    Lol. Killer is far from balanced. And having 2 kills for "balance" is so subjective it's not funny.

    Do you feel like a match where you got 4 hooks all game and got gen rushed in 5 minutes is balance ? Because a match like that can still lead to a 2k. Just because of trying to get everyone out. That's not balance at all. 

    Balance would be 10 hooks and 2 kills. And maps being weak enough and not survivor sided enough. Gen speeds not being so fast.  That killers can actually have chases and not feel like they need to camp/tunnel/slug to stand a chance.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 6,606

    They need to rework maps in general. But the trend goes the other way lately. Cold winds got MAJOR buffs for example.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759

    I cbf when its a coldwind map.. its so boring and braindead but survivors think they are doing something amazing.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,606
    edited August 2021

    Balance is not determined by one match. And what a strange example of balance. I've had more games where I've killed the survivor at 4 gens left than the extremely niche example that you provided. Again, I have to go back to what I said before. If you're not performing well as killer that's on you.

    Edit: changed from 5 gens to 4 gens as that's a bit more realistic. Holding that first generator is actually pretty hard.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 6,606

    Except at the higher levels. Maps and gen speeds don't lend themselves to you "performing well"

    You get gen rushed. You get maybe 3-4 hooks. And t bagged at the gate

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 6,606

    That's with a lot of maps tbf. I can lost WAY more ######### unbalanced maps then I can balanced or even slightly killer sided

    Cold winds


    Groaning Storehouse 

    The Game

    Blood Lodge. 

    Seriously...That's 13 maps right there that are totally miserable. And I can name more. Maps don't lend themselves for you to create pressure if the survivors are smart and spread out and don't do dumb #########. Not being able to get pressure because of maps leads to gen rushing then. Because you can't give them reasons to be off gens

  • I agree and disagree

    Yes because it's sad how many times survivors can be "safe" against extremely dangerous killers

    No because if killer was easy, it would get boring. That's why i believe jason in friday the 13th the game is a random chance. If you are confident in the result of a match it stops being engaging. Perks and add-ons would stop being fun because you know they wouldn't make a difference.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,606

    I'm rank 1 been rank 1 for as long as I can remember, average 3 kills per match. Usually have just 1 game out of 5 where survivors will have 2 or more escapes. Even during MMR that average went down only slightly. But during MMR I had about the most fun I've had in this game that I can remember.

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