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Lock in Survivors with their Item?

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Killers can’t currently swap to a different killer once in a lobby - I’m assuming this is due to MMR? - so if we see a 4 medkit lobby we can’t switch to Plague, or if we see flashlights we can’t switch off of Hag. If it’s due to MMR (which I personally think is a bad idea) then so be it…

However, survivors can do last-second swaps such as (Example) from Meg with no item to a Nea with Purple Flashlight, or a Claudette with a Medkit and instaheal. This can be timed so the killer has zero time to prepare in case they want to bring Franklin’s, Sloppy, etc…

My personal opinion is that survivors should at least be locked into their character and item once in a lobby. Perks and add-ons can continue to be swapped around, of course.

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