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Are they secretly slipping bots into standard games?

miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719
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EDIT: This thread has been updated with video of what seem like bots in a regular five-person multiplayer online game. PC, Steam, killer was Ghostface versus myself (Ace), my friend (Adam), and two strangers - Nea and Meg. Nea and Meg both behaved in a way that seemed to suggest some randomness and confusion (hesitation, strange apparent pathfinding and lack of urgency during the EGC) as well as straight-up lack of human guidance (running in wide circles, trying to walk against walls). What do the rest of you think? Audio disabled.

This is the same behavior I describe below when I first made this thread. You can read the rest of this first post if you like but it's not necessary, it's long because I was trying to describe what I experienced which today I was able to capture on video.


Original post, feel free to skip:

I read that BHVR was slipping bots into PTB matches and to be honest, I was overjoyed. I love any bot progress in this game and if I recall correctly it was confirmed that they've been doing this. Maybe a mod can tell me.

But I was playing a regular (non PTB, as I didn't install it) game yesterday and both the killer and one of the survivors felt really off. The killer was the Trapper, on Coldwind, and at one point I got caught in one of his traps (it was in the grass, so very well hidden, but not in a spot that I would assume would have been a traffic area). I could see from my aura perks that he immediately pivoted and made a beeline to me and smacked me down. But then when he picked me up, instead of apparently heading toward a hook, he chose to walk along the wall of the map. It's hard to explain but he basically headed towards a corner but did so in such a way that it looked like he was going to walk straight into the wall, only suddenly turning to walk along the other wall when he was like two feet away. In other words instead of cutting through the map to look for the nearest hook, he decided to do a walk around the outskirts of the map, making turns that were very sharp and almost seemed to come at the last second when he realized "oh, there's a wall there". Eventually I broke free. He didn't hook anybody all match.

Meanwhile, there was a Feng who was acting incredibly bizarre. I was working on a gen and happened to notice her aura just standing behind some haystacks about 20 feet away. I went over to see if I could figure out what was going on and she sort of spun in a circle. I thought "okay, so I guess we have one less survivor this match", but then she followed me back over to the gen. She didn't get on the gen with me though, she stopped a few feet short and started doing circles again. Not spinning in place, but walking in a tight little circle. I finished the gen and went to walk away, and she followed me. RIGHT up on me. When I stopped to see why she started circling again. I found a totem and started to cleanse it and she again got RIGHT up next to me, placed down her toolbox, then picked it up again. I then started running, getting a bit creeped out, and she started running with me. Only when I encountered someone else did I lose track of her. But then, a little later, she ran up to me and teabagged for a heal, which I gave her, and she then wandered off. And one last time I was working on a gen, this time with a survivor who was acting normally, and yet again she got near the gen and could have joined it with us but instead just walked in her little circle. Finally when the last gen was done the Trapper IMMEDIATELY went and opened the door, and everyone went straight in.

Anyone have any guesses on this? I know that sometimes you get players who act weird but this one was acting weird without any real apparent sense of logic. Their movements and decisions seemed random and not guided, like they were someone who was deeply confused. The Trapper acting weird really threw me as well, the very precise way that he walked all the way toward a wall before suddenly turning to walk along the side of it rather than curving around corners or looking for a closer hook. I feel that if I'd just allowed myself to be carried he may have just done a lap around the entire outer edge of the map. But then the survivor had the name of a popular comic book character so surely she couldn't have been a bot, right?

I'm so confused, lol. I WAS recording but magically, the recording didn't seem to turn out. It's hard to explain the "just off enough" sense that I was getting without you guys being able to see it for yourselves.

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  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 2,188

    A mod confirmed back in June that bots weren't being used in the core game, a day after the Resident Evil chapter released.

    It might've just been a coincidence on your end and that Feng was just being a weirdo.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,265
    edited August 2021

    You can see how bots act in the tutorial modes.

    Nothing you described sounds like a bot.

    Well the first part of the Trapper walking into the wall maybe does, but the later bit about opening the exit doesn't.

    The Feng just sounds like an idiot player

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,066

    bots don't place good traps. just obvious ones.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,677

    There's a killer challenge to carry survivors 150 meters, sounds like Trapper was trying to do that and when gens finished he opened the gate to go on to next challenge/match.

    Feng was probably just a random not doing anything for no reason other than to be a weirdo.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Thanks guys, either way it sounds like no one else has had this same type of experience so maybe it was just a one-off. The carry challenge is something I didn't know about so that one kind of makes sense. Feng...

    It's really hard to explain. You could tell from the way the person was playing that they were just acting in a really random, seemingly confused way. Walking in circles, then running right up behind someone for half the map, then stopping when they do so they can put down their item and then pick it up again, etc. Just weird. The behavior was erratic like the person was on drugs or something.

    Which, I guess, is entirely possible lol.

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381

    No. Welcome to soloq dude, sometimes i question as well if my teammates are actual humans or chimp brained AI's.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,521

    Yeah, I did the same for that challenge, but I was slightly more devious. I picked up the slug waiting by hatch, walked her as far away as I could. Beat her right before hatch, and did it again. Lol. I just let her have it after that teasing. But I probably looked like a bot.

  • DocFabronDocFabron Member Posts: 2,408

    Lmao sounds like just an average day in solo q.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    Bots would be better than my teammates.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    This happened again and today I was able to grab and preserve the video. I edited the post - sorry for the bump but my assumption is that it's better to do this with a relatively recent thread instead of creating a new one for the same subject. If not I honestly apologize.

    These honestly look like bots to me, am I alone in this?

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,472

    Well sheesh, it woulda helped to mention you’re freakin’ rank 13 in your post. Nothing out of the ordinary for that rank I would say, and nothing you mentioned sounds like the bots in DbD mobile.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    The ranks don't have anything to do with it, if they did I'd be seeing this every time the ranks reset or I hadn't played much in a few weeks. No offense but seriously, how often do you see someone just run in a giant circle over and over and someone else run in place against a solid wall?

    I can't speak for the mobile bots but the mobile and PC versions aren't designed by the same people.

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