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If you could what would you rework Tricksters power to be?

It's quite apparent to everyone that Tricksters power will forever be in the realm of either super oppressive or garbage tier. Because of this how would you guys rework his power? And what would you turn it into? I'm not entirely sure myself but i think it'd be cool if instead of using knives maybe he used some kind of music to apply buffs and debuffs.


  • VioletCrimesVioletCrimes Member Posts: 879

    I'd actually keep his knives but give them the "shatter and hit" that comes from (I believe) an iri perk as basekit.

  • LudicrisLudicris Member Posts: 244

    Remove the decay on Laceration - boom, balanced.

    *Slaps STAPLES easy button*

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 982

    I'd make his attack music and sound based, or maybe even dance based (no idea what that would be like). It's seems weird to me to have a k-pop star whose name and attacks have nothing to do with being a k-pop star.

  • fogdonkeyfogdonkey Member Posts: 1,509

    He should slow down only when he starts to throw the knives, not when just holding them.

  • FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan Member Posts: 494

    His ricochet addon should be basekit to actually make him feel differnt from other ranged killers. Maybe make survivvors slow down the more hits you get with the knives, similar to Pinheads chains.

  • AltarfAltarf Member Posts: 1,043

    Not sure why so many people want survivors to have to manually remove blades. That would make him even more poorly designed - either you have to stand still to remove them and it's just release Legion again, or you can run while removing them and Trickster becomes the de facto weakest killer again.

    I don't think you can really change Trickster. They never should have tried to make the whole "death by a thousand cuts" killer again, especially considering how release Legion went. It's a bad power concept and now we're stuck with it.

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381

    Anything but knives. I don't know what, but knives just don't make any sense. Hes a self obsessed pop-star and music producer who will do anything for attention. And his power is....knives? Wth does that have to do with being a pop-star?

  • VioletCrimesVioletCrimes Member Posts: 879

    It would make more sense if he was a knife killer, since he definitely carved up his victims. Throwing knives are from his backstory of doing knife tricks, but I'd like it a lot more if his throwing knives and main weapon were the same thing. Just the function was different.

  • FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan Member Posts: 494

    You want him to sing instead and make the survivors become affected by the deafness status effect? 😂

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 3,510

    Raise laceration by one blade. Make a single ricochet basekit. Keep the very rare as two ricochets.

    Suddenly Trickster becomes tricky.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,468

    Only slow down when throwing blades, not when just holding them. This hurts him a lot

    Preferably remove the recoil. If they really don't want to then reverse how it works. Right now i think you get more accurate the more you throw. and that's horrible as in the loops you suffer at and can only throw a couple of knives at a time you need the first ones to matter. If the first couple of knives were pinpoint accurate and then the recoil kicks in it would be so much better.

    Laceration can only decay 50% of what you have. So if you get hit by one blade it decays to to half a blade. If your at full it decays to 3 knives left to hit

    Nothing hurts more then someone at 1 knive away from being injured getting in a ultra safe zone and you know you have to start all over again. Make hitting knives matter even a little.

  • FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan Member Posts: 494
    edited August 2021

    double post

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  • WoodywoolWoodywool Member Posts: 659

    It would be great if the original "Trick blades" from PTB was as basekit. It forces the Trickster players to use ricochet hits more and it rewards the killer (because earlier this add-on gave extra laceration meter by ricochet hit).

    The whole community said that this should be cool and fun if we see this add-on as the basekit on him when he comes to live servers but sadly devs did something else. Even "Trickster" nickname makes more sense with these ricochet blades cause the killer really needs to do some tricks to hit survivors more efficiently by hitting a wall or a floor like that after a blade hits it, the blade flies & hits survivor.

    Damn, it's so sad for me that we probably never see this change :(

  • Chilli_man2400Chilli_man2400 Member Posts: 2,282

    Here’s my rework to Trickster.


    He starts with 50 knifes. It takes 6 blades to damage a survivor.

    LACERATION METER: a survivors laceration meter will fill up each time there hit once it’s filled up they will lose a Heath state going down. Survivors will have to mend if there hit by blades it’s duration is affected by how many blades you’ve been hit by(EXAMPLE: you throw one blade at a survivor it takes 1 second to mend to get rid of it. You hit a survivor 5 times it takes 5 seconds to mend away).

    MAIN EVENT: each blade hit fills main event meter. It takes 25 blades to activate main event. Once main event is active, you have it until you press the active button. When activated you gain the undetectable status effect, blue and purple fog fill the map up and Ji Woons music plays throughout the whole map for 30 seconds. While main event is active blades now deal half damage(3 knife hits) and your movement speed is increased to 115 for the duration.(Removed the automatic throw). Main event can be canceled anytime and whenever you cancel it you keep what you got.

    that’s my rework to trickster

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,990

    His current power is beyond salvaging imo but if they really want to keep it is do this

    Knives to injure increased to 8

    Main event charge per knife hit is now based on range (short range hits give less, long range more)

    Main event now has a sound que when ready similar to oni

    Main event now throws fans of 3 knives that richocet once. These knives do 150% laceration on richochet hits

    Main event can now be saved like oni

  • HaddixHaddix Member Posts: 901
    edited August 2021

    I think he's fine right now.

    Just to add, the idea that Trickster should force you to pull out knives is a completely awful idea that's been popularized by Scott, and it seems that not many have actually truly thought about how bad it would be for the game, as that change would make him the most miserable Old Legion-esque killer there is. It wouldn't provide any meaningful map pressure (like, really?) whatsoever, and it would simply make it so you can never decay his damage with good positioning and LOS breaking anymore.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Disappearing forever. That would be a pretty impressive trick.


  • MysticwarriormjMysticwarriormj Member Posts: 93

    I change it so that at the end of the duration of ME if he still has at least 10 knives you throws a fan of knives twice in two slightly different directions in front of him (slightly off to the left and slightly off to the right).

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,416

    I had an idea for a Trickster rework concept not too long ago. Here's what it would be:

    Trickster is reverted to his old self (aka pre-5.1.0), however the laceration decay system is removed and is replaced with the requirement of having to pull blades out of yourself. The blades will stay on your body after they hit you, and the survivor will attempt to remove them, giving the Trickster somewhat of a slowdown ability. However, this is completely up to the survivor.

    Trickster will be able to switch between different blades, similar to the Clown's Afterpiece Antidote, using the Active Ability button. Here are my ideas for the blades:

    1. His default blades will be the Trick Blades. Trick Blades will ricochet after hitting anything solid. They look the same as the usual blades. (Trick Blades add-on base-kit in a way)
    2. His second blades are the Ghost Blades. They are grey-ish blades that are slightly see-through, and are a bit smaller than his other blades. Unlike the others, these blades go through walls, however, they only apply +0.25 laceration, 0.25/8 blade hits.
    3. His third blades include the Sharp Blades. These ones are very sharp and thin, and can cut through survivors (aka Cut Thru U Single as a base-kit feature), which will be useful against survivors that attempt protection hits, as well as useful at unhooks. Edge of Revival Album will not work for these blades.
    4. His fourth blades will be the Heavy Blades. These blades are a bit bigger than the others, compare them to the size of Clown's "butterfly" knife. These blades take a long time to rev up, and they move similarly to Huntress's hatchets when thrown. They can only be thrown one at a time, and cannot be used during Main Event. Hitting a survivor with this blade will apply the +1 laceration as usual, however it will give them a stackable 2.5% hindered effect for each blade. The hindered effect lasts for 10 seconds.

    An idea I had for the blade switching is to make it so you have this loadout thing where you hold the Active Ability button and scroll to the knives you want.

    Main Event will receive a few changes. Instead of 20 blades to charge it up like before, it will be 30, aka the way it is right now. It can be carried for as long as Trickster wants to. However, it will work similarly to the PTB Main Event, where Trickster can choose to throw his blades when he wants to. He moves at 4.4m/s when not throwing blades during Main Event, and moves at the normal knife-throwing speed when throwing them. He can switch between knives during Main Event while not throwing them, where he puts away the knife he's currently using, and switches to a different one. While not throwing knives, the timer in which Main Event depletes is tremendously slower.

    So that's my rework concept for Tricky, making him an actual Trickster! Sort of, I guess.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,858

    Name: "The Idol"

    I'd make him like a siren with something sound/music based for an attack.

    I'm really not sure how you could fix his knives. The recoil is a big problem on console. If his knives work too well he's oppressive in the 1v1, but if his knives don't down survivors in a reasonable amount of time then he's just a worse Huntress. Maybe BHVR needs to focus on what makes him different from other ranged-attack killers, like the piercing knives and the ricochet. Make it so he has a unique strength without needing an add-on. Main Event is a pain in the ass with the way it messes with the edges of the screen and only has a limited time during which it can be activated.

    Did I mention he sucks on console? He does. Trying to aim those knives requires a lot of correction and so you're trying to aim and correct for the recoil and track the survivors, and no matter the sensitivity having the needed precision is just... ugh. He feels miserable to play. Even if the survivor is standing still in front of me I have to correct the aim because there's no crosshair. If the survivor is moving, my knives are not going to make contact.

    Sorry, this went from suggestions to just flat out complaints. It's hard not to go that route; I like the way he twirls his bat, but playing him as an M1 killer is out of the question since he's slow. I want to twirl the bat, dangit!

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,470

    I like the idea of needing to hit multiple projectiles to get a down, but really, I think it needs to be about 3, and obviously to compensate they need to function less like a machine gun.

    As he is now, I think he would be fine with standard movement speed. The knives really aren't powerful enough to warrant the same hindrance required for Huntress and Deathslinger.

    So either or would be my dream come true.

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