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My First Game Playing Twins

Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

POV: I played my first ever Twins game this week and there was a TTV streamer in my match. I chased him first and hooked him, then planted Charlotte near the hook (not facecamping distance) to use Victor. Found someone healthy and pounced with Victor successfully. At the same time, the TTV got rescued so I went back to the hook. At this point, the rescuer hid somewhere because I looked around a bit first and didn’t see them immediately so I followed the blood and scratch marks instead… found TTV again and hooked him. When I watched the VOD after the game, at that moment found him he calls me a “POS tunneler”, “trash killer”, etc. I also saw his rescuer’s aura crouching nearby hiding.

Later on in the match after hooking someone else I find the TTV with Victor and pounce him. He proceeds to resorting to holding Victor hostage for the rest of his time in the game. After I decide to chase him I down him then pick up to hook. Before I can hook he disconnects to “deny the sacrifice”. In the result screen he sees I’m console and then says “why are all console killers trash tunnelers” or something.

I hope this can be a lesson to survivors to: A) if you rescue someone without BT, at least try to distract the killer and take hits… and B) if you feel you’re getting tunneled, maybe it’s because your TEAM is hiding. Don’t expect a killer to let you go if you’re the only one he sees.


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