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Cenobite The Scorcher (The Trapper, Art Work/Skin Idea)

VammatarVammatar Member Posts: 88

The earth shook and rumbled, there was an explosion in the mines,

Evan felt severe pain from his left side. Burning and melting flesh fumes his nostrils. Rubble, planks of wood, fell from the ceiling. caving in and buried him.

Was this it? Is this how he died?

His surroundings went silent. it was dark. His right side both numb and painful the smell of burnt flesh, dirt, and explosives still potent.

Evan realized he was still alive.

Evan took a moment to understand his surroundings, moving his legs and arms slightly. He realized he was not buried very deep under the rubble, but a plank of wood was laying heavily on his chest. Weak but determined Evan used all his strength to push the wood plank off. He then got up from the ground and focus his vision in the dark. He still couldn't see anything. He placed his right hand on the wall of the mine and yelled. "Hello! I need help!" The mines' walls echo his voice. This means that the mines we're not completely caved But, was it the right way out? Either way Evan knew he needed to start moving. other wise he will die down here.

As Evan took his first two steps a sharp pain shot up his left leg. He yelled in agony. It was broken. No, shattered. This would slow him down, but it won't stop him. He pressed his left hand against the wall for support and he begun moving.


He doesn't know how much time has passed. Felt like hours in the darkness, his hope slowly fading him. He thought about embracing death a few times. Accepting that his time has come. His thoughts were shortly interrupted by a dim light around the corner.

Was this the way out?

The light grew brighter and brighter as he approached. His heart beating with hope. He stumble a few times from putting pressure on his broken leg. The sharp pain hurt, but he didn't care. This was it, this wa-... His heart dropped to his stomach as he turned the corner. His hope disappearing.

There, before Evan was a dead man. No one he knew, but he was dressed in the uniform of a Miner. The light illuminating from the dead man's helmet. Mimicking daylight at the end of a tunnel. Evan fell to his knees, hopeless. Before he could think anything else he saw something in the dead man's hand.

In the lifeless hands was a strange looking box. Markings he had never seen before. It was beautiful.

Curious, Evan picked up the box examining it. He jerked in surprise when part of the box lifted up, moving his finger across the top it went back down, but in a different position. A electric shock Jolted at him and Evan drop the box on the ground.

"DONG" a bell tolls. "DONG" lights shine through cracks in the walls. "DONG" a bright light flashed before him and a man appears along with two other monstrous looking things.

"The box, you opened it, we came." The one with pins in his head said. His arms gracefully out stretched either side. "You opened it and now you must suffer."

"Wait! Who are you?" Evan asked in fear trembling before the pin headed man.

"Your Angels Mr. Macmillan." Hooks and chains shot out from the darkness grabbing and hooking his skin. Evan screamed a bone chilling scream. He didn't think he was able to feel anymore pain with all his injuries. He looked at the Pin headed man and before Evan could say anything else the man spoke again. "We are your eternal salvation".

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