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The Pig & Tunnelling

It seems like almost every time I go against a Pig, they will put the reverse bear trap on, but then still camp and tunnel that survivor - can anyone explain to me why? I don't see the point in putting the trap on if you're just going to tunnel them anyway. This seems to happen even with relatively high ranks (e.g. 4/5).

I thought the whole point of Pig is that you put a trap on and then move on to someone else, and the one with the trap is then forced to spend their time trying to remove it. I just don't know why you would even pick her if you're just going to M1 tunnel.


  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 4,089

    Mabye i see pigs tunnel more then others, but shes weak so when it gets to mid to late game and she barely got any hooks it seems reasonable.

    the ones that i see tunnel allmost everygame at 5 gens tho are wraiths.

  • Torsti56Torsti56 Member Posts: 259

    Same thing happens to me. You just lose your pressure what you would get by letting them find that right box. By playing right, you have always one survivor finding boxes, one being chased/hooked, one going for a save and one repairing. Tunneling the one who have mask on, gives rest of the survivors more time to do gens. Well, people play how they want, I'm not here to judge them.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,841

    I just dont understand, her power is to slow down (who is trapped). Why they just tunnel the trapped survivors and ignore others on full power on Gen.

    Last time I faced a Pig was tunnel Nea who already dead (her timing is 10% left) and ignore me who was nearby.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,470

    I wouldn't go out of my way to tunnel but if i see an injured survivor with a trap and a reasonable oppertunity to take them out i will take it.

    I won't ignore them for a trap that may or may not be removed 10 seconds later after they interracted with the first box they come across.

    In theory it's better to leave trapped survivors alone but in practise the slowdown is so inconcistant that taking them down if you get the chance is just better.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,477

    To get the head pop. I want the reverse bear trap to actually do something...

    If there was an add on that only gave you one trap that was guaranteed to go off after 5 minutes unless they escaped... I would use that. Is it too much to ask to live that moment in Saw without all 4 survivors pulling off their traps first attempt? Truly?

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,395

    On my tunnel list, pig is pretty high on it. Probably because she's easy to gen rush hence why she needs to tunnel in turn

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    It's not just seeing an injured survivor with trap, it's literally waiting for them to get unhooked and then chasing them down and hooking them again - meanwhile the 3 others are doing gens and you're likely going to get 1k absolute max.

    My last game this happened to me, I just ran for the exit with the active trap still on and she STILL chased me, even though I obviously died by the exit. I just didn't want to give her the satisfaction of downing me that last time.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Blame the add-ons and lack of proper tutorial.

  • KA149108KA149108 Member Posts: 170

    She's easy to gen rush because majority tunnel. Instead of tunneling go pressure gens duh.

  • PanicSquidPanicSquid Member Posts: 655

    When I play Pig, I'll slug a survivor who has an active trap if its convenient. I'll also interrupt people trying to get their traps off, if I happen to be nearby.

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 2,803

    I assume it’s inexperience. A lot of people probably just play her for dailies, challenges, achievements, etc. and don’t really understand how to effectively use her power. Because most of the people who tunnel survivors with hats never even bother to try and use her crouch or dash either, in my experience.

    I think people just think, “oh Pig is low tier so I need to tunnel to get a kill” and don’t realise that it’s probably the worst thing you can do with her, especially if you have hats left that you could give to other survivors. But it usually gives me really easy escapes so oh well.

    (There are also a couple of “Pig main” streamers who camp and tunnel almost every match so they might just be following that playstyle.)

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    RBT is just a tool to gain pressure in any way the pig see fit. If she uses it for gen pressure and just ignores people with trap on or to pressure trapped survivors to get them killed easier since they're on a death clock. Both have scenarios where they're more useful then the other ones.

    It's up to pig how she wants to use them even if it's in a way that gives he very little benefit and just hard tunnels the trapped person.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    To be totally honest I don't know if I've ever been tunneled by Pig. There aren't a whole lot of killers who seem to reliably tunnel in my experience. Wraith, Leatherface, Trickster, Legion, Myers and Ghostface are the only ones that immediately come to mind as having been overly persistent in my games. I love facing Pig, I don't have any problem with her myself.

  • RiskyKaraRiskyKara Member Posts: 661

    I don't specifically go for people with a party hat but a lot of people feel like it's a get out of jail free card and will try to remove it when I'm right next to them

  • jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 622

    Unless someone is exploiting, trying to lead me to other survivor and so forth I generally won't tunnel them unless they start doing generators instead of removing the trap.

    If I accidently put one in a deadly state right after they get unhooked while trying to get the one unhooking I will either just leave them their for someone to heal or if they are about to bleed out or none of the survivors have come to heal them then I will pick them up and let them wiggle free then move on to another survivor.

    They want to play also and I hate it when it happens to me when I am playing as a survivor.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 1,140
    edited September 2021

    Maybe the survivor got downed when 3 gens were done and last 2 were probably half way, pig doing that at least secures her a kill. Maps like the Game can be miserable for Pig if survivors are decent. Pig can be a decent killer but she really needs to get that early down to get the pressure going, if the survivors keep smashing pallets nonstop you will have a bad time.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,473

    Sorry you get that. I rarely run into her, but when I do- they typically don’t do that. I’m a Rank 4. I actually give them props for not doing it. Last two times I accidentally ran into her and she straight up ignored me, looking for whoever unhooked me. Now if a considerable amount of time has passed and you run into her with a trap still on your head, you’re fair game. Especially if she already chased a healthy survivor and downed them in the interim. She’s is not obligated to ignore or let you go at that point. Well, that’s my opinion any way.

  • BabuDweetBabuDweet Member Posts: 553

    This literally happens every time I face pig which is why she is one of my most hated to face.

    The other day it was the start of the game and only one gen was done after a long chase by me and the pig downed me then put a trap on and hooked me.

    Got unhooked and came straight for me again, got unhooked again and once more came straight for me and killed me.

    It happens often, I'm not one to complain about camping and tunneling because it's whatever but at the start of the game? And how she just tunneled me out with literally within a minute, it's just unfair and infuriating.

    From now on I'll just probably play toxic kinda when I see it's a pig since they're more than likely going to anyway.

    I get it she's weak and needs pressure but doesn't make it any more fun for the person is she completely ruining the game for.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,308

    When I play Pig I don't do this.

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    This is exactly what happens to me, or a teammate when I face the Pig. I find it unfun to play against any tunneller (whether it's me or a teammate being tunnelled) but it's perplexing when Pig does it because it's literally pointless to use your power if you're not going to actually use it, you know?

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 3,815

    One of the many reasons I despise Pig with a passion

    Some 'Pig main' streamers do this and encourage it.

    Slugging & tunnelling is how they pubstomp and inflate their egos

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,599

    The inexperienced will camp and tunnel, and in so doing stagnate their skill to the point where they end up believing that camping and tunneling is effective, efficient, or otherwise desirable - they're not actually legitimate strategies, they're bare minimum copium delivery mechanics. This is true regardless of killer, but Pig, Doctor, and Hillbilly are more frequently the perps because they're mid-tier in terms of skill ceiling: it's difficult enough for a newbie or jaded fool to tell themselves they're doing well, but easy enough that the player in question isn't usually having to face the reality that they lack competence.

    There's also that Cannibal, Twins, Ghost Face, and Shape are designed to camp choke points and important locales like hooks; it's an explicit BHVR design choice, whatever their pretense otherwise, to encourage, perpetuate, and reward camping in the arsenal of killers.

    Just know if you run into this Piggy main right off the hook, I might slug you if you harass me but I'll actively avoid you if at all possible, as will the other Piggies I talk to.

  • SPADESinstSPADESinst Member Posts: 75

    I noticed this whenever I started playing survivor more, and I actually didn't realize this is how most Pigs play. I actually had one slug me after putting a bear trap on me and didn't hook me for 2 minutes and fine she finally did, she just camped and tunnel me out.

    I do main Pig, but I try not to tunnel. If you run into me, I might slug you for a bit at best if no one else is around because I still need map pressure. The layout I always try and do is get at least 2-3 survivors in bear traps. Leaving them to waste time searching the boxes rather than getting them doing gens. The last person is not in a trap, I go after them(because I run bbq on pig, I always see where they are). No one is doing gens at this current moment. If I'm able to hook the person without a bear trap in time, one of the survivors that already have one will have to stop searching to unhook. With the addons I run, it's possible for me to get this set up sometimes. This gives me enough pressure early game to not worry when there are 2 gens left. I'm always able to get at least 8 hooks when there are two gens (Actually just finished a game with this setup and it went well all 12 hooks).

    Sometimes, I'm not able to complete this setup in time—which makes me get a 2k at most but I'm fine as long as I have enough hooks not to depip.

  • adirgeforthedeadadirgeforthedead Member Posts: 397

    Personally, I believe people who do this don't know or understand much of Amanda's mechanics to slow down and detriment the game and are, possibly, playing her for a Tome Challenge or a Daily Ritual.

    The idea of Reverse Bear Traps as most people have pointed out is to pressure Survivors to unlock their traps and slow down generators progress. In more than one occasion, I've faced Pigs that decided to solely focus on the Survivor they've put a trap on and end up getting two or three generators done in that process and it's a bit... well, confusing. A Pig that slugs the Survivor with the trap on is usually an incidental one... in more than one occasion, they just end up running into the chasing someone else and well, it's forcing people to pick them up which adds extra pressure, but yes, tunnelling is just a waste of her power and abilities.

  • FentV1rusFentV1rus Member Posts: 59

    This boils down to pure inexperience, nothing else. The only time Pig should ever pressure someone off a box is if happenstance makes it a possibility. Pig is entirely too weak to tunnel trapped survivors. She is also removing her biggest asset when she does this, her slow down. A trapped survivor is removed from play eventually, there is no way around it. She should be focused on getting multiple traps in play, which then gives her ample time to hunt and not worry about gens popping so fast.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,372

    On one hand you can say inexperience... I have faced Pig players whom do this

    On the other hand the traps come off way to easily... from my experience

    For me though I don't tunnel I treat traps as a marker to not chase

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