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Why Do You Think Killers Have Time To Go Totem Hunting?

In a game where the killer experience is a sweaty race against the clock

In a game where people have been suggesting a secondary survivor objective for years

In a game where gens regress at a quarter of their repair speed

You decide to give the KILLER a secondary objective? Because you think we can actually spend the time searching around rocks to find some overpowered (Of course they will be, otherwise there's no need for a totem) perk? BHVR, you truly have no idea what you're doing.


  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 334

    What are you talking about?

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,828

    The upcoming Boon Totems. There will be perks where a survivor can bless a dull totem and the killer has to destroy it to remove the boon. Pretty much like Hex perks but for survivor.

    If it's OP, maybe killers will start using full Hex builds just to deny these.

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 334

    Just like how Lucky Break is hilariously broken and makes killer unplayable?

  • ouroboros_worldouroboros_world Member Posts: 215

    Just like how stridor is HiLARioUSlY broken and make survivors unplayable 🤡

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,048

    I dunno about others but I probably won't be using those perks.

  • BonermanBonerman Applicant Posts: 2

    They don't .

  • LibervitaLibervita Member Posts: 156

    In this game,the killer always the most stressful and most urgent,No one can have free time to look for anything other than survivors unless they give up their gaming experience.

  • whereismykebabwhereismykebab Member Posts: 165

    I'm dreading this as well, gens get done too fast sometimes with nothing most killers can do about. When killers are reluctant to waste time to break walls, having them clense totems is a bit much

    So, be a non top tier killer without the sweatiest meta build, spawn into a big map.

    Walk straight for the farthest generator as fast as you can. See the gen pop when you're halfway across the map.

    Now you need to chase and hook individual survivors, generate map pressure against all four survivors, defend the remaining six generators.

    You absolutely do not have time to start wandering around in the red forest to try and find a boon totem to snuff out. Heck, even if you see the aura from any distance, simply walking to it on the other side of the map and back would mean another one or two generators lost.

    What if all four survivors place a boon totem.

    And I really do hope the boon won't be a bonus to repair speed, or anything to speed up chase or exhaustion.

    It just seems like a very bad idea unless it's done very very right. Like setting up boon totems would require all survivor perk slots. Or snuffing it out would block all gens and expose and reveal the auras of all survivors for 3 minutes. Or have gen repair speed be significantly slower without the boon totem.

    It could of course passively generate BPs, so the killer wouldn't have a downside when the totem is not snuffed out.

    The killers definitely do not need a side objective, they can't afford to lose any time as is.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 738

    Well tbh, Lucky Break combined with Iron Will is a super combo, I often use it when I play surv, and hell yeah it works so well.

    But the fact that you can use it only one to three times per game makes it underrated. If survivors played it, I think we would see some post about it.

    However, saying that it is hilariously broken is mayyybe too much, I think we both agree.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,338

    I'll reserve judgement until I see how it's actually implemented, but, yeah, I don't like the sound of this, either. The description makes it sound like a survivor can happen to find that one hidden totem by luck, bless it, and then the killer has a new task to hunt all around the map and try to find it. Which, in a game where killers literally don't have time to kick gens that are right in front of them, is kind of worrying.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,729

    I mean we don’t even know what they will do so

  • FatallyIconicFatallyIconic Member Posts: 99

    I'm going to guess that it won't be a very powerful effect.

    If they make boon totems SO powerful that it forces the killer to stop what they are doing to find it...they're going to be TERRIBLE for the game.

    If the boon totems just give a very small benefit to the survivors, the killer can just break the totem if they happen to come across it. There won't be as much urgency for the killer if they know that it's not giving the survivors a HUGE advantage.

  • violetcherriesvioletcherries Member Posts: 37

    If survivors have time to do hex totems, then killers have time to do boon totems.

    Killer mains have gotten off too easily with "jUsT dO tOtEmS" every time someone complained about OP hex perks, and now that they have to do totems themselves, we are witnessing meltdown after meltdown.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,695
    edited September 2021

    That logic quickly falls apart when you realize theres 4 survivors and only one killers.

    Each survivor can take out one of the 4 possible killer totem perks at the same time meanwhile the killer physically cannot do the same against a theoretical 16 survivor totem perks.

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 938

    It's a 4 vs 1 with the 4 having 16 perks vs the Killers 4. SURVIVORS have time to do totems, KILLER goes on a 45 second chase and 2 gens pop.

    These are not the same. And you don't play Killer.

  • whereismykebabwhereismykebab Member Posts: 165

    Yes, a killer can immedately go towards a gen on some maps and it'll pop before the killer can get there, unless they're Wraith/Blight. That's almost 20% of the survivor objectives done. Then let's say the killer goes on a well played chase that lasts 40 seconds, with 10 seconds to pick up and hook, and two more gens are done.

    That's 60% of survivor objectives done and 8% of the killer objective. When exactly is the killer supposed to wander off to find a totem? Even if the killer knows where the totem is, the time lost to reach it can mean a lost game.

    Survivors can just hide, be immersed while they're hunting for bones and there will be no progress for the killer, the killer cannot undo a gen once it's done.

    This means survovors can easily do totems without giving the killer any chance for progressing the objective. The killer cannot do bones without losing generators.

  • violetcherriesvioletcherries Member Posts: 37

    Killers are faster than survivors and do not have to worry about being detected while doing a boon totem. Survivors walk slower and are at risk of being interrupted. Hence, this cancels out the 4v1 effect.

  • violetcherriesvioletcherries Member Posts: 37

    No, sorry, I don't know what games you are playing but gens do not pop that fast. This seems more a case of you going against really good survivors that are beyond your skill level. Hopefully SBMM fixes this up for you.

  • Barbarossa2020Barbarossa2020 Member Posts: 431


    Singular not plural. Not like Survivor's. Which is plural, which means more than 1.

    And seeing you dont think fast gens exist.

  • whereismykebabwhereismykebab Member Posts: 165
    edited September 2021

    I got to Rank 1 with pig with with a meme build including whispers, which means I can find them fairly easily, I walk to the farthest gen and look if whispers lights up.

    Spawn in a big map where several survivors spawn together on a farthest gen with toolboxes and Prove Thyself, Streetwise, possibly BNP, and the gen will be done before you reach it. This has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of skilled survivors or me lacking skills as a killer, when there is literally nothing I could do to prevent it other than playing instadown Blight.

    On a big map, a normal killer will need ~25s to cross it, more since it won't be a straight line, but with obsticles. A gen can be done way faster than that which does not involve any kind of skill. 4 BNP with a little bit of skill hitting the skillchecks and one gen is done in 5 seconds. Or two gens in 30 seconds if they split up in pairs.

    It's obviously not every game, it's rare, but it happens and the sweatiest most skilled tournament Nurse won't be able to prevent it, let alone have time to look for totems.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 3,949

    Just do bones!

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,529

    3 generators get done in the first 80-90 seconds of the match. Thats over 50% of the survivors objective done in less than 1 and a half minutes. If that isnt fast, then I dont know.

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