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Vial issues

PatriciaPatricia Dev, Community Manager Posts: 276
edited November 2018 in General Discussions

Hello People of the fog,

We have noticed that some players mostly on PS4 have reported an issue with the vial, that once your vial is full it won't empty and you won't be able to get your currency. Also there is other issues that might happen like the UI not showing on the screen during a match etc.

Here's some questions that will help our Dev team to understand more about the issue.

  1. On which platform the issue occurred (PC/PS4/Xbox)
  2. Cloud ID
  3. Were you playing Survivor or Killer ?
  4. Was it in a public lobby ? if not what was it ?
  5. What was the state of your vial ? Was it already full ?
  6. Do you see the vial UI during the match ?
  7. Are you able to interact with a plant ?
  8. At the end of the match do you see the Event UI ?

The more details that we have the more it will help our team to understand the issue.
Thank you for you help, We will keep you updated on the status of the issue.

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  • Bug_ReporterBug_Reporter Member Posts: 644

    Do something about queue time PLEASE!

  • ToxicAddictionToxicAddiction Member Posts: 58
    Pretty sure the majority of complaints are about the unnecessary cap. Leave it to BHVR to address an issue, but not the big one.
  • agutty1agutty1 Member Posts: 4
    I have finished my vials for survivor.(30/30) when I moved on to play killer, the first game everything was fine. I didn't fill up the vial all the way, but maybe 1/3 of it. The next three games the vial UI wasn't there. It was all in public lobbies. I was still getting all my bonus bloodpoints for hooking them on the hooks but no vial progress or anything. I also didn't get the event UI at the end of the match. I play on Xbox.
  • redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
    As some others have said in event complaint's the cap I understand as it stops spamming one side and stopping un caps from but can you please allow survivors to still harvest but with a difference if there capped there harvest goes to a non capped player or let them help harvest them

    I've only had the UI mess up once so far but no problems since. I hope you'll extend the event. Off topic! What I'd like to see is the words moderately, considerably and tremendously separated into their own color catagory. Right now those terms are crossing over into other colors rendering the meaning of the color system useless. Along with the color system. I believe there should be an exact explanation of what an item actually does. for example. There shouldn't be any guess work. Also, your daily rituals needs some work. Example, the relic veneration challenge says "Escape and collect a new item 1 time(s)." It should be worded, During a match retrieve an item you did not start a match with then escape. The sub discription should read, if you use all charges of the found item before escaping you will still complete the challenge. Other than that. I hope you can fix the frame rate on PS4....PLEASE. :) Thank you!

  • Jack11803Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,874

    @ToxicAddiction said:
    Pretty sure the majority of complaints are about the unnecessary cap. Leave it to BHVR to address an issue, but not the big one.

    Of course you’d want more personal stuff, while every PS4 player literally can’t even do the event. Smh

  • ToxicAddictionToxicAddiction Member Posts: 58
    PS4 player, my friend. If you make survivors able to gather nectar past thirty vials, they will go back to surviving and my killer queues will go back down. 
  • Jack11803Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,874
    edited October 2018

    @ToxicAddiction said:
    PS4 player, my friend. If you make survivors able to gather nectar past thirty vials, they will go back to surviving and my killer queues will go back down. 

    SO!? Half the PS4 player base still won’t get vials. This bug literally freezes the bar and stops the event PERMANENTLY. It’s over, I can’t padticipate anymore. Even if the queue wasn’t bad

  • ToxicAddictionToxicAddiction Member Posts: 58
    Ok, have fun with that. 
  • Jack11803Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,874

    @ToxicAddiction said:
    Ok, have fun with that. 

    Why are my posts getting LOL’s? A bug that completely breaks the event is occurring. You into inuslt to injury i take it?

  • TheShocktorTheShocktor Member Posts: 29
    edited October 2018
    It's happening to me on Xbox. Vial doesn't show up on screen and I can't harvest nectar as survivor. I had just finished a vial when it started. 
    Cloud id: 1f2b0170-99b2-11e7-aa37-3f6aac87269b

    EDIT*  Happening on killer too. Killer vial is half full but vial doesn't show up on screen. 
    Post edited by TheShocktor on
  • RotBbRotBb Member Posts: 396
    System: Xbox 
    ID: fD7629de-92d9-499d-bfdf-c724181f87b2
    I played as both
    it was public 
    both my killer and survivor vials say they’re full 
    I do not see the UI
    I can no longer interact with plants 
    I do not see the UI post game 
  • RaulLincolnRaulLincoln Member Posts: 1
  • DigwiidDigwiid Member Posts: 84
    edited October 2018

    Just an interesting note to this bug, had it happen on ps4 too, on both sides. Had both sides vials full and the UI was completely gone, event UI wouldn't show up after a game either, couldn't interact with plants either.
    While it's obviously the wrong way to do it, disconnecting as soon as the game starts let me cash out on the vials. It gave me +2 vials from the disconnect, even if i did lose rank from it. So there's a very bad workaround for the crappy situation. Will edit once i find out if started earning vials normally again.

    EDIT: My vial gains have gone back to normal after the disconnect. So this seems like a temporary fix for the issue. @Patricia @Peanits just to get the knowledge out there

    Post edited by Digwiid on
  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 212

    @Patricia said:
    We are aware of the lobbies issue, we are discussing on how to improve the situation.
    I don't have any information for now. I'm still waiting myself.
    As soon as I have more info i'll let you guys know.
    Thanks for you patience.

    Just a quick question:
    Is it intented that survivor players can't get any extra bloodpoints after they get 60 vials?
    It essentially makes it so event is completely over for them.

  • HarryToeknucklesHarryToeknuckles Member Posts: 60

    Happened to me on PS4. I was able interact with the Pustulas but had no vial visual on my screen. When the match ended it didn't register my serum progress, but closing and restarting the game seems to have fixed it.

  • JaketheDog217JaketheDog217 Member Posts: 2

    I was on xbox
    I dont know what my cloud ID is, if I have one that is
    I was playing killer
    It was a public lobby
    My vial was empty at the start of the match, but four event offerings were used and I made sure I got all six hooks
    The vial didnt not appear in my UI during the match
    I was able to hook survivors on the event hooks
    The even UI that shows both killer and survivor vial progress did not appear at the end of the match

  • Knex4545Knex4545 Member Posts: 66

    1) PS4
    2)Dunno what that is
    4)Public lobby
    5)Vial was about two thirds full. I was allowed to fill it but it didn't give me the currency.
    6)Vial was not visible during match.
    7) When two thirds full yes when "full" no.
    8) Not visible

    I went on to play killer thinking this was a new requirement to get the currency (fill both get to claim) but the same issue happened for killer. The next day the issue seemed to resolve and i received both vials but i hope this doesn't happen again.

  • AssassinZodiacAssassinZodiac Member Posts: 62
    I just downloaded the new ps4 update. The merged vials update. My vial is no longer on screen at all during match or after match. Also will not even let me harvest the plants. Please fix, I'm only 5 vials away from unlocking the last killer costume. 
  • SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 61

    Both of these problems were on the XBOX. While I was playing, I got my 6 hooks needed for a full vial, but it never emptied, which I guess is just another case of a repeated problem. Another problem was that, while I was playing with a friend, she could not see her vial, though she could still fill it, which was evident by how she was forced off of the plant mid-game and then she got a currency serum.

  • Siptom56Siptom56 Member Posts: 1
    Escribe tu comentario1:Ps4
    3:As a survivor, I played like a murderer and the same thing happened to me.
    4:Yes, in a public hall.
    5:Since the first game I was not allowed to get nectar, but with the update of the game it allowed me to get nectar, only up to 4 because I got the same error again.
    7:Yes, but after some games no longer.
  • gmdhxxgmdhxx Member Posts: 1
    This is sooo annoying D:
    i filled up a vial about 5 games ago and have been unable to harvest nectar since (as the killer or survivor)
    i play ps4. I also cannot see the vial in the top corner when I am in a match.

    please keep us updated! 
  • xmiss_chrissyxxmiss_chrissyx Member Posts: 1
    This issue with the vials didn't start for me or my friend until the most recent update (today, the merging). 

    We both play on PS4. We play SWF in public lobbies. There was no vial UI while in game. We were able to interact with plants. I assumed it stopped interaction when it was full. After 1 game ended, my full vial never went into currency and reset. We are now stuck with full vials and cannot interact with plants. We do not get the event UI popup after the game has finished. 
  • purebalancepurebalance Member Posts: 661

    PS4 vial in game icon no longer showing on killer.

  • Lefko406Lefko406 Member Posts: 1
    Hey I'm so close lol just want that doctor weapon, I cannot see it in game at all but it did cap how much I was able to harvest as a survivor without actually being on screen. PSN: YourAssasin406 :) 
  • bapz17bapz17 Member Posts: 1
    I was playing as the killer, didn't see the vial during the match. The vial was almost full, right near the top. 
    After the match it said "error loading player level" 
    The vial stayed the same level, so far this has happened twice today (both times I tried), but wasn't happening last night.
    Hope this helps!
  • JonatanLS88JonatanLS88 Member Posts: 1
    1.  PS4 / After Update 29-10-2018
    2. ID: JonatanLS88
    3. Survivor anda Killer
    4.  Public
    5. Complete the vial during a game
    6. No
    7. No
    8. No
  • BenjizillaBenjizilla Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2018

    1) PS4
    2) 4717b5c0-7a09-11e7-abec-0bf4f31f65a5
    3) Killer (Wraith)
    4) Public lobby
    5) Full vial
    6) Vial was not visible during match.
    7) I was killer, I was still able to use event hooks and got points for hooking on event hooks, but no new vial before start of game and no progress on new vial in game.
    8) No


    Just had a survivor game to see if anything happened.

    1) PS4
    2) 4717b5c0-7a09-11e7-abec-0bf4f31f65a5
    3) Survivor (David)
    4) Public lobby
    5) Empty Vial
    6) Vial was not visible during match.
    7) Was able to interact and get points but no progress on filling the vial.
    8) No

    Post edited by Benjizilla on
  • redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
    Guys I can offer small advice that's worked for me and a friend when the vial bugs close the game after the match if it remains change rolls as soon as you can if the vial dont return I got nothing this is what ive done on ps4 and its worked a few times
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