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Getting Hiding Survivors To Reveal Themselves

jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 623
edited September 2021 in General Discussions

I had a match this morning that after sacrificing one survivor and hooking two of them once I still had not seen the third. Their was only one generator done which led me to believe they were hiding and not doing anything. I put the other two in a dying state and even hooked one and didn't even stay near the hook giving them a chance to rescue the survivor and nothing. The survivor ended up being sacrificed.

I picked up the last one and carried them around and finally saw the remaining survivor. I don't know if they expected me to hook them and were out looking for the hatch or what. I put the one I was carrying down and went after the fourth, hooked and sacrificed them and let the one I was carrying wiggle free and escape through the hatch.

Only one of the generators was completely repaired the whole match and the two that had been working on it were the first survivor the get sacrificed and the one that I let escape. I would have expected at least two more to have been repaired while I was running around. From what I could tell the fourth survivor did absolutely nothing.

It was a bit time consuming to do it that way and I am curious if anyone has a more efficient way to find them when they do this and keep moving around so they don't get crows.


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