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Survivors that do nothing

jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 623
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Some of these survivors. Had one of the longest matches this morning. Two had been sacrificed and the third was in a dying state and I still had not seen the fourth survivor. Only had been completed.

The second one to be sacrificed was on the hook for the first time and no one rescued them. Can't blame the survivor that ended up in a deadly state as I was at chasing them and then they were in a dying state and wouldn't have been able to rescue the hooked one at that point. At this point I figured they were just hiding out somewhere and left the third in the dying state to flush them out. And nothing, the survivor was getting close to bleeding out so I picked them up and let them wiggle free and went on the hunt.

Their were no crows so they were moving around however the only generators showing any progress were the ones that the survivor I had let wiggle free was working on. Eventually I found them. The were two generators left with one about to be finished. The only one working on them was the one survivor I had let wiggle free.

The survivor not doing anything died on the hook. I don't blame the survivor for not wanting to rescue them after all that. If was a long match and I let that last survivor escape. Why play this game if your not even going to help the other survivors?


  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,391

    People who are too scared to play the game really irk me , I get stealth is a playstyle and I respect that when people are actually trying to get things done and help out but people that do nothing ruin the game for the other three survivors all it takes is one person not doing anything and you will all die against a good killer, I think if someone hasnt done an objective of gens, unhooking, healing, totems, or getting chased etc.. within a 40 second timeframe then your aura should be revealed to the killer for being a liability for your team and only in situations where at least three or more survivors are alive and no one is slugged so it can't be abused

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 3,304

    If a team mate isn't doing their part after a certain point the other survivors should be able to mori them.


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