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Is today newbie killer day staring The Cannibal?

Such an influx of killer being the Cannibal today. Especially notable in how badly they are playing him.

I have been in several matches with the Cannibal today. I mean sure you have difficulty catching survivors so you choose a killer that can one hit. Not sure it is the best killer to choose however if you can't hit any of them at all considering the chain saw takes a a short time to rev up.

Hard to complete the challenge I am doing which requires me to unhook survivors when no survivors are getting hooked. Several today have turned out that way with the majority being against the Cannibal.


  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,113

    I got three in a row. First one was an absolute chad, running crowd control which lasted all match, insidious camped me in the basement but while running speed limiter. Let me go in the end as well ☺️

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,525

    Pretty sure he will continue on an upward trend with mmr. I am telling you those bum tier lists that people hold true based on that old ranking system designed around 4king inept survivors is OUTDATED. As the game is balanced a lot more around that 2k figure, I think people will find certain killers to be way more efficient relative to their lower placements because "muh 4v1". Bubba and Nemesis being at the top of my head.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,191

    Quote: "I mean sure you have difficulty catching survivors so you choose a killer that can one hit."

    So much sodium in one sentence. Maybe I just enjoy his gameplay more than other killers but sure I can also play Nemesis (which I find fun to play, too) and hit you 3 times with the tentacle while you "skillfully" hold W after every hit until I catch up but I'm sure even then you'll just complain about the fact he can hit you behind pallets and windows or the fact that you can randomly get hit/zoned by a zombie mid chase.

    Or I could play Doctor but then you will complain about being unable to hide and vault leading to unavoidable hits/downs.

    All killers intentionally have powers to end chases quickly, find survivors quickly or hit survivors quickly+consistently multiple times (i.e. Nurse, Spirit, Blight especially with Alchemist Ring etc).

    All the powers come with a catch. Bubba's catch is he is bound to base mechanics (windows, pallets, distance on top of his charge up time, acceleration mechanic and charge-count mechanic). If that's still not enough for you to run him for a while then maybe you need to learn how to loop and not just mindlessly hold W after every basic attack hit.

  • GenJockeyNanceGenJockeyNance Member Posts: 583

    "Skillfully hold W" @Yamaoka I am DEAD. 😂I do like that roast tho.

  • GenJockeyNanceGenJockeyNance Member Posts: 583
    edited September 2021

    I've gotten about 4 Bubba's today. Yes I do agree something is in the air with all the tubbies. One of mine was a P3 Bubba who liked to shake his head no when he finally downs me and overall was "toxic" (although not really; I just consider it BM rather than true toxicity) and in return, I teabagged him at the exit when I damn well deserved the escape. I find chases with Bubba fun, and I'm sure Bubba mains find him fun not because he's a one shot down killer but his playstyle. They just vibe, fam. The others, I don't think were new Bubbas... just a little inexperienced.

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