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Have any of you been having fun as survivor or killer since SBMM?

I don't know about you guys but all of my matches, both as survivor and killer, have been absolutely miserable. As Survivor I'm constantly going up against the same Killers (Not really any spirits, blights, or nurses surprisingly) using the same builds and using the same techniques, mainly just tunneling, camping, and slugging meaning I have to be forced to use extremely sweaty and unfun perk builds (DS, UB, BT, etc) or else have an extremely frustrating game. Doesn't help that MMR is constantly pairing me up with either selfish or clueless teammates that end up getting me or the whole team killed.

On the Killer side if I'm playing a Killer without any mobility then I'll have to be forced to just hold W for most of the match. If I play a Killer with a weak 1v1 then I'll get looped for a while, and if I play my main Blight then I'll have to deal with extremely strong teams which I don't have too much of a problem with EXCEPT for the fact that there are so many things he slides off of that they can singe handedly cost me a kill or a ton of time. Haven't even mentioned that before MMR I could play much more relaxed and not have to tunnel/camp/slug and use all meta perks but now with SBMM I have to use sweaty perks and sweaty playstyles leading to even less fun for both me and the survivors.

SBMM should not be a thing until the game is a much more balanced and less buggy state.



  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,334
    edited September 2021

    As survivor I am. As killer, it depends if games go by too fast or not. If I get slower games as killer regardless if I win or lose, the matches are generally fun.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,588

    Survivor I've been having a little fun, but killer has been absolutely miserable.

  • fogdonkeyfogdonkey Member Posts: 1,510

    You complain that killers camp slug tunnel. But then you say that you also must camp slug tunnel. So I guess you can answer yourself why this is happening.

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 984

    Survivor has been a little better except for teammates having a more selfish playstyle.

    Killer on the other hand is completely miserable. I think it's starting to impact the game too. When I queued for killer tonight I was getting lobbies in 15 - 30 seconds. For Survivor it was 3 - 5 minutes. Just yesterday killer times were 5 - 10 minutes and survivors were 30 - 60 seconds.

  • GenJockeyNanceGenJockeyNance Member Posts: 583

    Sighs SBMM... how you done us all dirty in one way or another. I'll copy what I said before about SBMM as killer and survivor with an update how I feel about it right now:

    I played killer for about 2 days straight; I played my main killers and I got teams that were very good. Very good. Maybe even better than me in terms of skill but not godlike. Then I decided to play a killer I never actually took time to get better with or learn because you know how it was with the old rank system being a purple / red rank killer trying a new killer for the first time...


    I decided to dedicate a whole day playing Doctor. Some of my first games were against most likely players who were not pros and geared more towards noobs who just installed the game and I felt terrible for wiping them out so fast. I got better with Doc, learning the timing of the shocks then I go for a bathroom break while I queue up come back (which was one of the only times it was a super fast queue time) and find in the last few seconds I'm versing a TTV and this group were practically godlike, I got mega nuisaced by the TTV who was playing the fossil Bill Overbeck. I did what most killers would do with a clicky and clicky and ignored him, trying to go for the others who were admittedly, easier targets despite them all being really really good and out of my skill level I felt like. I barely get 4 hooks when they 4 man escape. I doubt it was a full 4 man swf because only the TTV seemed to be the one flexing while the others were just chill.

    It's not so terrible as I thought it'd be. I thought I'd be going against bully squads back to back but no, just more stressful overall. I do see a difference from before but eh, I kinda don't pay much mind to it. I need to not care how things turn out or go if I want to enjoy the games.

    One thing that has been consistent though is the ones around my skill level are all splitting up on gens so by the time I get a down, one gen has popped with 2 being worked on.

    Is it fun? Sometimes. Most of the times? More stress headaches than it's probably worth.

    The update: I still stand by everything I said with the exception I've gotten hella bully squads today but I also still stand by me saying I need to just not care how things go or turn out in a match if I want any shred of enjoyment out of it. Today I like SBMM even less on the side of killer.

    For survivor:

    As survivor, my queue times are instant but the teammates will be either really good or really bad or a mix between the two like in example me and another player are clearly not meant to be matched with the killer as he's being juiced but the other two will go down faster than a bucket of chicken at a homeless shelter.

    The update: Still true. Although not as frequent. I'm getting better teammates but I do also get thrown the teammates who can't last 5 seconds in chase, choose gens over saving a hooked teammate before stage two with another slugged and the other being chased, I've been left on second hook while everyone heals in the corner of the map, teammates looping around a hooked survivor which is a perfect opening for a snowball, I've gotten farmed. It's just... a mess. I treasure the games where I have good teammates. Even if we lose, I know we did well but the other side of the dice with teammates... yikes. I literally got an equivalent of a rank 20 teammate earlier. They were brand new to the game. They were playing Feng with all default, after being unhooked wanted to heal in a corner I kid you not, got scared of every little noise hiding in a locker and I check their perks and it's all base perks with only like one of Feng's actual perks and it was yellow of tier one like ######### is this matchmaking? It's so whack! But I will say this: I can and am gradually improving on my looping with killers around my "skill" level so survivor is kind of mixed feelings to be honest.

    Sorry this is so long but... you asked. XD

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,889

    Hmm, maybe I should've posted my rant here. Probably should've. Here's my response, though:

    Short answer: I've played a lot of survivor and it only seems to get more and more miserable. The small amount of killer I've played suggests it is also miserable. I'm mediocre, not high-MMR by any means, and supposedly I'm in the bracket the new SBMM should be benefiting... but I'm definitely not benefiting. My post-SBMM matches are so, so much worse than my pre-SBMM matches.

  • KazimKazim Member Posts: 224

    To me the mmr works super well, For me is opposite of many before I had to reject games in lobby because they had many toolboxes or many flashlights, but now I have not rejected any and with pinhead I have usually had good games even though many have said it is a bad killer, on the side of survivor also my games have improved, before in my games almost always my whole team died, but now at least if I die my team does better and escapes.

    The bad things is that I see a reduction of killers, most games are almost always the same killers and sometimes I get facematched killers and since I was in green ranks I haven't seen, and as a killer I feel that the games are sometimes very easy, I was used to play with strong team after strong team and I ended up getting a headache from playing as a killer, but now I play a lot of games and I don't get stressed, and although it's a good thing but I think the old pressure made me a better killer.

    I guess I will never see a nurse again because 99% of them were bad and I guess I won't be paired with nurses anymore, but if I see one I am sure she will kill me.

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    Significant improvement for me as a survivor. Games are far more balanced and competitive now, with the majority being close calls either way. I’m genuinely surprised it’s working this well and I hope it scales consistently as my skill level improves.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,450

    I'm bad at this game and SBMM has mostly been helpful for me. If I play at off-peak times, I still just get matched with whoever, so there's no real change. But, if I play on peak, I have a good shot of matching with other potatoes and having a fairly relaxed game. It's not perfect but, for me, it's an improvement over the old system so far.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,678
    edited September 2021

    Me and all my friends would agree that the quality of matches has went down tremendously since sbmm. Literally every single ######### game is just tunneling after tunneling after meta perks after spirit after blight after nurse after genrush tourney squad after slugging it just doesn't stop.

  • Moonman157Moonman157 Member Posts: 94

    As a solo survivor I find it an improvement over the old rank matchmaking system. I've noticed I've been having a lot less miserable games, although every now and then I get a stinker. I find most games I make it to 1 gen left or EGC and one or two other survivors escape, so even if I die I still have a fun tense match. The SBMM doesn't necessarily seem overly precise, but I feel like I'm being matched with similarly experience and like-minded players. Or maybe it's all placebo.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,384

    I'm having fun playing Survivor

    I'm not having fun playing Killer

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,576

    I've been having more fun with both roles since MMR has been active, than I have throughout the entire rest of my DBD experience. Killer isn't as fun when there are matches where no matter how well you played, you auto-lose because you picked a weak killer/perks, but I do enjoy going against people of my skill level consistently.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,656

    Killer I mostly mess around not trying to get kills, I just get basic challenges done so that one isn't bad.

    Survivor I'm not having fun. It feels like it did around the anniversary event - killers facecamp/tunnel way more and randoms screw over teammates more often so they can just grab hatch to escape instead of using teamwork. It really makes me want to play less.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,516

    More or less, yes. I mean, recently I have been hard tunneled... a lot, and nobody comes to save. So, you know, I would be lying if I said it was super fun when I am just messing around, going for basic challenges, and I get removed from the game instantly if my slippery meat doesn't proc.

    As killer? No complaints. Heck, even as survivor, the quality is much higher if I manage to not be the first one spotted.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,426

    Honestly not really

    My biggest issue with survivor is that I'm bad at the game but I actually have a fundamental understanding with the game mmr just places me with people who have like 3 hours on the game

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,889

    Dude, I'm the same way! I understand killer and survivor. I know the perks and a lot of the add-ons, I know what to look for, I know to do gens and take aggro and stuff. I know not to 99% a gate if I'm not going to stay there to open it. I still usually die because I suck at looping and judging things like speed and distance. And I just do stupid crap in the moment, a lot of times.

    I understand the fundamentals and I can do the basics (like gens and aggro and not looping the killer around a hooked survivor), but the SBMM is putting me with survivors who do nothing but stealth around, afraid to do anything other than hide. It [BAD WORD]ing sucks.

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,556

    Didn't noticed any gameplay changes. The only thing become worse is queue times for killer.

    I had a ton of fun with m2-only-Nemesis.

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069
    edited September 2021

    I'm having fun on both sides. I doubt myself getting into iridescent ranks as killer cause i play Legion and i still feel there's plenty of things i need to learn, but as Survivor i never had such a good teammates. Most of the time we are 2-3 man escape.

    Before that every second game i played with cry babies that did something stupid and then either dc or die on hook.

    Yes, i still meet them time to time but not so often.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,687

    As survivor I'm having a blast. My escape rate skyrocket, because I get teammates that do gens. Occasionally I get some afk teammates. But I also get afk killers. So it evens out.

    As killer it has been the usual 4 hooks before the gates are powered. Because I don't want to tunnel someone out early, just to get a chance. On top of that, I get the usual toxic messages after the match. So I just stick to survivor. Which is a shame.

    But as long as the balance is like this, I'll stick to the easy roll.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I've absolutely been having fun as both roles. With a handful of exceptions, whatever they've done has been working for me. Matches feel much more balanced.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,350

    I've had lotz of fun watching certain streamers getting clapped!

  • Dennis_van_eijkDennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 1,565

    As a survivor i get paired with more competent survivors, tho there are some selfish survivors who try to be the last remaining and escape by the hatch without barely doing anything.

    As killer all my games so far are a sweatfest, gens popping left and right without being able to stop them most of the time.

    Before the sbmm the matches were variable, 1 match it was a sweatfest, another was close but fun and sometimes i would go against complete noobs.

    Now for 99% of my matches there isn't any fun in it anymore and matches last for about 7 minutes before the gates are opened.

    So I'm kinda done with killer atm

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,516

    If I like the streamer, I pour one out for the homie. If I dislike the streamer, I break out the lotion.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,350

    Haha, I just love the irony from a few of these guys. One in particular who has done nothing but S### talk killers saying how amazingly easy it is to 4k every game even without using ruin; who then proceeds to play killer and get slapped in every game i watched playing deathslinger. Bitter sweet irony!

  • HawkAyeTheNooHawkAyeTheNoo Member Posts: 726

    No, i game to have fun but DBDs turned into an Olympic sport. Come Sunday when my new game comes out DBDs getting put on the shelf to collect dust.

  • solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 770

    The problem is this mindset "people are doing this, so I have to do that". If you're playing Blight with ruin/undying/tinkerer and then you're even tunneling and slugging and camping, a working SBMM will not just suddenly match you with chill survivors. I understand where you're coming from but adapt to the situation will not make it better, trust me. It will make you get stuck in this hell with all the other sweaty players

    In theory, it would be better to take the loss and hope for better matches after a while. Of course, provided that the SBMM works fine, we don't know that and have no real possibility to prove it.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,848

    I honestly haven't noticed that much of a difference besides the bad matches being worse and the good matches being better. It's still very random no matter if I play solo, duo or killer (the only ways I've really played for over a year at this point).

    Do keep in mind I probably have a mindset that means a lot of the matches I consider good, many others would probably consider sweaty torture or something. Side effect of being involved in competitive gaming for like 15 years before I could no longer find the time for it in my life I guess.

  • ArtemishaArtemisha Member Posts: 401

    As survivor, hell no. I´ve lost much motivation and fun on playing the game. My game time has been highly reduced.

    As ocassional killer, I just play strong on early (trying evade camp-tunnel), and then I start playing friendly. Most of my games are with babysurvs and every game I let get out 2 - 3 people. For me these games are nice, but just play ocassionaly.

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