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Profound lag, connection to server unavailable, no DC but DC penalty received

miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

PC, Steam, Windows 7

I was playing as Dwight on Midwich against Pinhead. At about 7:30 into the match lag kicked in that began as just a couple of frame skips, some jumpiness, but within 20 seconds rapidly increased to the point that the game stopped. It remained on a still image for 2-3 seconds, followed by perhaps a half second of the game running properly again, and repeated the process about half a dozen times with the game's sound cutting out completely with every stoppage. I would offer recorded footage of this but the recorder stopped recognizing the game at this point.

Finally the game remained frozen and I brought up the task manager. The game was described as running so I continued to leave it. After another couple of minutes of the game being frozen the sound kicked back in and it was now the music of the post-match score screen. After another 30 seconds or so the video caught up and showed my character as having escaped (when all this began he had actually just been hooked), another survivor still in the match, one survivor (correctly) killed, and the killer as having disconnected. I was given the popup message that I'd been disconnected and the chat window reflected this with "connection to the server unavailable". The game started running smoothly again at this point and my points were tallied. When I returned to the loadout menu, I now had a several-minute disconnect penalty.

I've read of this happening to others within the last couple days but this is the first time that it's happened to me. I should also note that I'd been playing the game smoothly as killer for the previous hour or so, until the killer queue abruptly became strangely long (especially for this hour) after one of my matches. I switched to survivor, got a queue that was equally strangely fast for this hour, and it wound up proceeding as described.

Roughly 2:45 AM, early September 23.

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