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EAC on Steam Deck / Proton / Linux

nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 607


Time since feature release: 1y2m

Last Version Tested: 6.4.0

Current EAC Status: While the game worked perfectly yesterday, 2022-11-24, on Steam with no tweaking, today 11-25 it's back to disconnecting us with error 500.

-------Thanksgiving 2022-------

Around Thanksgiving 2022 the game was able to work perfectly on Linux. First with a workaround discovered with the Epic Game Store version, and then on Steam itself simply by installing the game and hitting play.

Performance was even better than on Windows.

Sadly, this was removed and no longer works. Continuing development of EGS workarounds can be followed elsewhere.

Some streams and video were captured at the time proving the only issue standing in the way of DbD on Linux/Steam Deck is the configuration of EAC.


Steam Deck

Linux Desktop

My session of DbD

The protondb page has a number of positive reports from this time submitted by the many people eagerly waiting for this game to work on Linux/Steam Deck.

----------Original Post----------------

EAC has prevented DbD from working on Linux through Proton. With the Steam Deck coming, Epic has updated the SDK to allow support for this.

I ask the devs to please enable this feature so I can play DbD on Linux and Steam Deck! Thank you!

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