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EAC on Steam Deck / Proton / Linux



  • MBAdeptMBAdept Member Posts: 6

    :( Because updating a server tool and do literally 5 mouseclicks on Steam take several weeks?

  • MBAdeptMBAdept Member Posts: 6

    Sorry, but I doubt that.

    The UNREAL-Engine runs usually native on Linux, and the SDK for EAC is just an update without any further implements.

    In case of the Steam/Proton-issue, it IS a few mouseclicks.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 251

    thank you so much! i really appreciate your attentiveness on this! i'm looking forward to it, and we're happy to help with testing if you want!

  • omanoomano Member Posts: 44

    Come on, don't delay it for maybe sometimes next year. Go for it now! We (Linux players) will be a great source of reporting issues for a flawless Deck support when it comes, if you delay, then probably issues that could have been found (if any) prior to Deck support will arise and it will need even more time for full proper support in the end.

    BHVR come on, please don't be slow on the support.

  • Pr0p3r9Pr0p3r9 Member Posts: 79

    Bringing this back because I've been unable to play Dead by Daylight since the last midchapter. I've switched to linux full-time as part of my education, and I believed that it would be okay because dbd would be right behind me. I'm really desperate to get back into playing again (I went to some shady places today looking for help running it in a vm), but I really just want to play it through a standard proton layer.

    Please make enabling Dead by Daylight for linux a priority. There's an entire market of users who could be spending time and money on this game who are currently unable to.

  • PapaMikeyPapaMikey Member Posts: 1

    +1 like so many people here the only reason I stopped playing was because I switched to Linux. I still have windows installed for Dead by Daylight, but rarely ever play it because I have to boot into windows just to play one game. Please hurry and fix this issue.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 15,844

    As Steamdeck is not launching until February 2022 and I've already confirmed that we possibly won't be implementing this at launch, there are no further updates on DbD being on Steamdeck.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 251

    This is true, but do note that getting the change applied earlier will let Linux users test it out.

    We're ready when you are! :D

  • AlakadAlakad Member Posts: 5

    BHVR, I think we all understand your reluctance to enable Linux users into DBD because supporting a whole new operating system is a lot of extra work for basically no gain, but nobody is asking for you to actually support Linux / Steam Deck. All we're asking is that you enable Linux support on your anti-cheat which Valve has said is as simple as sending an email to your anti-cheat provider. Valve and the Linux community will figure out the rest, but we can't do anything about anti-cheat technology until you send that email.

    Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) already has Linux support ready to go and operative in many of the titles that they work with, Valve is completely correct that for BHVR to enable Linux support in DBD all it takes is a single email to EAC saying "we want you to enable Linux for Easy Anti-Cheat for our game". After EAC is working, Valve and Proton will handle support for the actual game. No extra work needed from BHVR.

    But, you might be thinking, maybe it's a trap and this will actually put extra strain on your player support system. I don't think any Linux users would complain if BHVR also released a statement saying basically "while we are enabling Linux support for Easy Anti-Cheat, we will not be providing any support for Linux users going forward, if you need support talk to Valve and Proton".

    Valve has already taken the onus of support onto themselves and if Valve withdraws that support then nobody would blame you for rescinding Linux support for EAC. Valve is offering BHVR and every game developer the option to include Linux users without needing to offer them any support what-so-ever. It's win-win!

    So although I get where you're coming from BHVR, after all of the above is considered, there's really no reason for so much reluctance. Just turn on EAC support, release a statement saying there will be zero player support provided and BHVR holds the right to fully revoke EAC Linux support at any time, for any reason.

    There's no cost to you, no extra man hours, no support needed. We're just asking you to send an email.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 251

    Looks like SMITE has already enabled this feature for their EAC.

    It's really that easy, BHVR. I bet you could get it done likity split.

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