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EAC on Steam Deck / Proton / Linux



  • MarcMilMarcMil Member Posts: 1

    I'm so hyped for hopefully eventually be able to ditch Windows :D

  • Pr0p3r9Pr0p3r9 Member Posts: 85

    This needs to be enabled as fast as possible. Games on Steam that do not have this change made will be marked as unsupported for Steam Deck/Linux, which may make future Steam Deck users hesitant to buy and play the game. Showing confidence in EAC on the Steam Deck in crucial to obtaining the trust of this new market of consumers.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,279

    Please note, as I have already said in this thread...we are enabling for Steamdeck, that is not saying the game is going to be available for linux or proton on the PC - we do not have this information at this stage.

    But we will not be launching DbD on the Steamdeck at the launch of the Steamdeck - it will be some time after.

  • slowmotionslowmotion Member Posts: 3

    Just because they won't support it, doesn't mean it won't work. Initially steam only supported Ubuntu even if it worked on other distroes.

    I think Mandy has communicated clearly that

    1. they won't commit to anything more than supporting the steam deck at the moment.
    2. They won't discuss the way the anti-cheat is implemented.
    3. It will come sometime after the steam deck is released.

    Most companies have quality control to test that things are working, even after "clicking a button".

  • cweamcweam Member Posts: 4

    I understand completely, slowmotion, and to repeat I don't mean to sound bemeaning or demanding at all. However, I think it'd be a mistake to wait until after the SteamDeck has been released to enable EAC support. I guess I sound a little bit impatient (SteamDeck is releasing in a month anyways), but that's only because I used to love this game and can't wait to play it again.

  • PycPyc Member Posts: 1

    BHVR, make last step for support linux, pls

  • necrodosnecrodos Member Posts: 5
    edited February 21

    hey Behaviour this is the proton page for Dead By Daylight, this is people who, on every update check to see if miraculously the game runs on linux, can you please make it so we can play dbd on linux? P L E A S E?

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  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 351
    edited February 23

    @necrodos seems mandy edited your post. my guess is we're not allowed to put links here. but yeah, it's protondb. anyone can google it. it looks like this:

    we're all eagerly awaiting the day DbD's EAC allows Proton compatibility!

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 351
    edited February 26

    Steam Deck about to release! Looking forward to the announcement about this implementation! Maybe in the Sadako Rising patch? Please oh please! XD

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 351

    @MandyTalk updated first post with more current links and information.

    also note these instructions from Valve. very easy. please pass along.

    from above site:

    "Easy Anti-Cheat

    • Proton supports Easy Anti-Cheat without requiring any recompilation, but it does require you to manually enable support for your build by following these steps in order:
      1. Go into the SDK Configuration settings menu on the EAC partner site and enable Linux as a client platform.
      2. Go into the Client Module Releases menu on the EAC partner site, choose the Unix platform, and activate a module. If you cannot find the Linux module in the status dashboards, please contact EAC support.
      3. Once that's done, download the EAC SDK and find the Linux library (\Client\Assets\Plugins\x86_64\libeasyanticheat.so) for the SDK version integrated with your game, rename it to easyanticheat_x64.so, and add it to your depot next to the Windows library (EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll).
      4. Lastly, on the Steamworks site, publish a new build of your game containing the new depot contents. (You don't have to make any changes to the game executable, just include the new files in the depot contents.)"

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,279

    As I've said, please do not expect DbD to be on the launch of Steamdeck.

    Thank you @nikodemo I appreciate that you gave that in good will, but our developers are very much aware of what they need to do.

    I've been very clear throughout this thread, that this is not something that's going to happen at the launch of Steamdeck. When we're ready to announce DbD for Steamdeck we will do it on our social channels prior to that date. Please keep your eyes there for this happening, but please do not expect this to happen that soon.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 351

    ok mandy, sounds good! thank you for your patience and all you do for us! i wait with eager anticipation. :D

  • ptibedoptibedo Member Posts: 4
    Proton has absolutely nothing to do with the steamDeck but anyway!
    Is it possible to play at least solo against bots on linux with proton?
    I planned to buy the game on Wednesday. I've been playing linux since 2013 
    when SteamOS Alchemist beta was released. I'm using Lubuntu now and waiting for steamos 3 "Holo" to come out in iso

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,279

    There is no solo play on DbD against Bots - the closest thing to that is the tutorials or Custom Matches (commonly called Kill Your Friends). However, no you cannot play the game on Linux or Proton, it's only available on Windows 10 or 11.

  • WarpheadWarphead Member Posts: 623

    I expect Steam Deck to be my platform of choice, so this is important to me as well.

  • ptibedoptibedo Member Posts: 4
    Warphead, You dont need Steamdeck, is just a hardware. we need just BHVR accept the support Linux for EAC.
    The number of cheaters in this game. 
    I don't understand the point of anti-cheating in general. I hope the linux support will be fast, 
    I really want buy the game for test the trapper.
  • ItsJesseFFSItsJesseFFS Member Posts: 100

    I can play on Linux though, with a little bit of manipulation to Wine & Proton.

  • ptibedoptibedo Member Posts: 4
    edited March 9

    How, you did that ?! You can play multiplayer ? Can you give your manipulation and write on protondb and here.


  • hailxsatanxeveryxdayhailxsatanxeveryxday Member Posts: 336

    I am interested also.

    I know that some people playing games like Genshin Impact can use some sort of hack to disable anti-cheat, but I'd imagine this is hard to do with EAC and would probably get you banned if you were caught (I know that launching Destiny 2 on Linux results in an instaban).

    Currently, the best way to play on Linux is Stadia, which has cross-progression with Steam and also allows you to play on mobile (and it works a hell of a lot better than the official DBD mobile game, assuming you have a controller).

    I deleted my Windows partition after support for Linux was announced last year, and I usually play DBD on Stadia in the meantime (all my other games work fine).

    I won't make a whole new thread for this since we already have one, but how is support for Proton coming along?

    My understanding is that even though Epic advertised transitioning to Linux support as being as easy as a push of a button, this was only true for people using the newer version of EAC that nobody other than them uses anyway, and migrating to that required rewriting large sections of the codebase, which made it very difficult to implement.

    But this was widely regarded as a scummy move, and they reversed course after being called on it, which means that EAC Linux support should now be relatively easy for older versions of EAC.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,279

    As I have said, when we're ready to announce DbD on Steamdeck we will do that through our social media channels, until then there is no update I am afraid.

  • yosoynachoyosoynacho Member Posts: 1

    +1 i hope this is implemented soon, i will play other games until then.

  • PapaMikeyPapaMikey Member Posts: 8

    it appears that behaviour has enabled support before the newest chapter because the EAC window loads, but they forgot to place the easyanticheat_x64.so in the game files. (or the anticheat was just updated) Not sure if it's true or not but knowing behaviour they probably forgot. So would yall please hurry? it takes two seconds.

    For all of you wondering, it IS just as easy as a couple mouse clicks. My friend has a test game he implimented barebones EAC in his project, went to the sdk page, enabled the checkbox, placed easyanticheat_x64.so in the game directory and it works on linux. It is THAT easy

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,279

    As I've said so many times now...when we are ready to launch the game on Steamdeck we will announce this. It is not a matter of a few clicks!

    There will be no release of the game on Steamdeck without prior announcement so please pay attention to our social channels.

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