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Was SBMM disabled?

Hey guys, sorry if this topic already exists but I couldn't find it.

I've been playing a few games with my friends yesterday as a survivor and we really had the felling SBMM/MMR was disabled/bugged yesterday (23rd of sept.).

In our first match we faced a really god like Slinger who basically annihilated us, which is totally fine. After that we faced a decent pig we pretty won against (3 escapes).

After that MMR just went full yolo mode. In 3 consecutive matches, we faced a Slinger, a Huntress and a Clown - none of them played at any level that would've been similar to ours (we're not the best survivors but we stand our grounds).

The Slinger missed every single shot except for two and got 2 hooks (4 man escape). He also had no T3 perks which implies he just started playing Slinger.

The Huntress didn't even manage to get 1 hook (4 man escape ofc). She also had no T3 perks and no teachable perk, just general and huntress perks and to top it off, she didn't even know hot to kick gens and doors. We literally stand next to her (out of her view) and watches her hit the gens and doors and throw hatches on them for over a minute until she figured out how to actually kick/break them. This heavily implies she's absolutely new to the game.

The Clown managed to hook 1 or 2 survivors but also didn't get a single kill. He at least knew how to break gens though but also didn't have a single teachable perk and no T3 perks, which again, implies he's new, at least to clown.

All of those 3 killers had massive tracking issues - we could simply run behind a rock and start walking which made them loose us every single time.

Remember, those were consecutive matches. After those three matches we stopped playing because it wasn't very fun to play against absolute beginners and we had other things to do anyways.

So all three of us were wondering what was happening there. Did anybody else experience something similar yesterday?


  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,674

    I was wondering the same thing yesterday as well…interesting.

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 1,109

    I ran against 3 killers in a row today who I would have guessed were Green Ranks in the old system--playing killers they just bought in the past 48hrs. As a long time red rank, I was definitely scratching my head.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,975

    Killers definitely be 4king my teams.

  • SchardonSchardon Member Posts: 177

    Interesting, so it's almost save to assume there was/is something going on with SBMM...

    Gonna wait for more replies but it was really weird to play the game.

    Wondering if it's a bug or if they've done it on purpose because Killers are complaining about SBMM being a sweat fest and the long queue times...

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    Probably they are testing numbers. Also im very curious about how exactly it works, cause i met some rank1 players who played like potatoes (which i dont understand cause to get rank1 your need constant wins or high winrate/escape rate) and right after met another rank1 players who were actually rly good and crushed me.

  • ClowningClowning Member Posts: 886

    Could be the fact that Killer MMR doesn't kick in until you've played enough games on said Killer, or so it has been said. So if you're a god Blight and suddenly decide to buy Slinger, expecting easy games, you'll still face roughly the same Survivors you'd get in your Blight games until your MMR tanks on Slinger and things change.

  • SchardonSchardon Member Posts: 177

    I've taken that into account, trust me. That's also why I was describing my experience yesterday in so much detail.

    You're right about what you've said but I don't think that applies to my experience of yesterday. Kicking a gen/breaking doors works the same way on EVERY killer. Any killer that has played more than 1 match knows how to do that, yet the Huntress did not know how to kick gens and instead hit it and threw hatches at it for longer than a minute.

    That's definitely not a "god tier" or "decent" Blight who's just never played huntress.

    Also, as I've described, none of those players knew how to track survivors. Running in a straight line and taking a quick left/right to hide behind stones, followed by walking, made all of them loose the survivors every single time. We didn't even have to loop them.

    To add to that - none of them had any tier 3 perks or any teachable perks equipped.

    Sure, you could argue that those killers just didn't have anything good unlocked yet and just bought the killer and hopped onto a game. Definitely could be the case but having ALL of these things combined in 3 consecutive matches heavily hints to the fact that something fishy was going on with SBMM yesterday.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,818

    You just described 90% of the killer games I play, I get on each evening play about 10-15 games as killer, mixing it up sometimes but mostly Trapper and Myers.

    I'd say 12-13 games are a steamroll where I sweat for one hook and the survivors spend most of the game rubbing it in my face rather than finishing the gens and leaving.

    Then I typically get 1-2 games where I have a shred of a chance and maybe I'll 3k. It's like this every night since SBMM was released but I keep plugging away to see if it gets any better.

    Can't believe I'm about to say this but I miss the old rank system, at least I knew where I stood, had some kind of feedback about why a game was hard and could sit in a place I felt was comfortably my level.

    Now I have face stomp after face stomp with no idication of why and no real feedback. I'm not sure why I'm still playing but I can safely say that SBMM doesn't work at least not for me. Most fun I had tonight was killing the bots in the tutorial.

    Until this gets fixed I think that'l be my game from now on hop on kill the tutorial bots and log off.

  • WerQWerQ Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2021

    This is so weird.

    I've been playing killer and have been getting absolutely stomped. None of the matches felt fair like at the start of SBMM, every match has been against people with thousands of hours in DBD.

    I've been super frustrated how badly SBMM seems to perform. If other people are having the same experience, then maybe they just haven't communicated something to us?

    Edit: By communication I mean that they changed something.

  • SchardonSchardon Member Posts: 177

    Gotta be honest - I've only noticed weird behavior since yesterday.

    My games - up until this point have been.... more "balanced" I'd say on both survivor and killer. Gotta really try hard and give my best as a killer to secure anything above 2k though. But it almost never a complete stomp fest on either side.

    Yesterday was super weird though...

    Again, as I've already replied to @pseudechis, I didn't have any weird issues as killer up until now. My games, as killer, have been pretty balanced but definitely a sweat fest for both sides.

    That being said - yesterdays matchmaking went completely yolo on me and behaved absolutely different to what it used to be in the last 2 weeks.

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