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To those who wish for original killers

I get how you feel, I'd like a fun original character that can make a match a little crazy like Pig or Pinhead.

But, to be honest, there's only really two original character concepts I'm begging to be in dbd. Those are the Vampire and Werewolf.

Now, when I say Vampire, I don't mean the pretty boy Vampire (though I don't necessarily have anything against it if they can be horrific looking) instead the original version of Dracula the Bald headed long fingered creature of darkness.

I always loved Vampires for years and the idea of VLAD from the cinematic makes me so excited, but I have so many friends who wish for Werewolves waayyyy more than a Vampires haha.

What do you personally prefer? One of those two? A different mythical creature? Or just a unique idea Bhvr has?


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