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Where is the “strategy” for Boon Perks?

Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

Per the developer update:

This will add some more strategic decisions for survivors to make when it comes to their interactions with Totems. 

Hmm, survivors will really have to strategize wether to give themselves a buff or not… /sarcasm. Um, no - there is zero strategy involved.

Not sure why they have the capability to be re-lit, either. If there’s “strategy” involved, shouldn’t the survivors be careful about which totem they choose to bless?

On paper, this sounds like a poorly-designed objective. Survivors will spend a few seconds giving themselves a perk (with potentially strong effects) for little to no risk, while killers (who cannot afford to waste time in the current state) will now have worry about hunting totems if they want to play around a Boon Perk.

If Boon Totem auras are visible to the killer that would at least make it fair and manageable.


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