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You killed, no, MURDERED MY BOY

MistakesweremadeMistakesweremade Member Posts: 229
edited September 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

I made an account just to express how utterly distraught I am at my boy Caleb getting the Billy treatment.

I want to come clean first of all, I consider I play a pretty fair deathslinger, no monitor and abuse, no double recharge, from time to time I will play STBFL and get some nasty shots just seconds after hitting a survivor.

I will admit Caleb is not the fairest killer. Yes, he gives survivors no reaction time, yes, he has way too much free zoning and yes, some perk combos are pretty good on him. I agree he needed a change to make his zoning less of an issue.



Having to aim down sights for even a brief period of time automatically makes him a worse huntress, his whole point was having no map pressure with the massive benefit of having by far the best 1v1 in the game (only surpassed maybe by Spirit and Nurse). Not only that, you gave him a 32 meter radius. WHY? it's not like he has unlimited range like. Give him a small Lullaby like huntress or deathslinger or something if you are too worried about stealth builds being too oppresive, but not that!

And all of this and the only change you give him is making him faster while ADSing? You aren't even going to touch his garbo add-ons? WHYYYYYYYYYY

I am gald you are taking your updates more seriously but this singlehandedly ruins my experience. Please don't let my boy Caleb die, not like this ;_;


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