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Hypocrisy in Balancing

Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

Remember the nerf to Hex Undying? This was the statement released by the developers:

”Transferring the same Hex multiple times can get out of hand: Hexes are meant to be strong perks that can be destroyed, and having to destroy the same Hex four times can be a bit much.”

In the September developer update, the devs describe Boon Totems as “much like Killers Hex Totems” in that they “are tied to Survivor Perks”. I know some people love to be technical and claim that by saying “much like” it shouldn’t be taken as a direct comparison. Well that’s wrong. Keep reading.

So obviously they are trying to create the survivor equivalent of Hex Perks here. We have a couple of perks to start, but more will come with the potential of game breaking effects (unlimited Unbreakable for the whole team within the aura?). However, we all know that even if a killer snuffs out a Boon Perk it can be relit indefinitely by the survivors. So where’s the consistency?

If you (BHVR) thought it was “a bit much” that FOUR survivors, who already have access to totem-finding perks and Maps, have to cleanse 4 totems then why is it not “a bit much” for ONE killer player to have to scour a map to snuff out a totem that can just be relit?

If BHVR wants to introduce new mechanics (Boon Totems) with strong effects that shake up the meta that’s great! But it would be nice if the survivor bias and hypocrisy wasn’t so apparent.



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