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Head-on should highlight the locker to your nearby teammates when it's ready

Big buff to solo q while keeping the perk mostly as-is:

"When Head-On is ready, teammates within a 30m radius see the aura of your locker."



  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,285

    30m might be a little too generous, I'd say 18m, but otherwise agreed.

  • IrishRedCapIrishRedCap Member Posts: 153

    Agree with the less range. 16-18 meter range would give the perk a big solo q buff. It is offset being an exhaustion perk but give it to much range and it'll be abused by every team out there. Otherwise not a bad idea, I still run head on in solo q sometimes but it rarely pays off for a survivor friend, more self save.

  • TrwthTrwth Member Posts: 919

    I think that's a wonderful idea! Around 20m should be a good enough range.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,685

    Great idea!

    not abusable by SWF and only giving SoloQ nice info that SWF already have for free.

  • SabunoHakiaSabunoHakia Member Posts: 465

    Why not make it global oh yes. 20 meters is ridiculous in this game that's nearly the whole terror radius in most killers 5-10 meters if fair but I never seen a suggesting fair from a survivor main mostly likely.

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,003

    I don't think Head On needs to be changed in that way at all. It's not meant to be a free pallet stun for your teammates to use while they're being chased... it's simply a niche exhaustion perk for Solo Queue that is fun to use and strong when you pull it off.

    The last thing we need is for Solo Queue to be buffed to the level of SWF in any way, shape or form. And I mostly play solo queue Survivor! We need SWF to be brought down close to the level of Solo Queue if that is possible.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,917

    I do not see any reason not to do it.

    Its already more or less in the game but only for SWF so making it available for solos would make it much more viable.

    I'd probably reduce the range to 16-20 meters just so its not distracting mid chase seeing a locker highlighted that you can't realistically reach.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,466

    I see the values but I wouldn't be with the change. I don't view the perk as a team perk, so I don't see a reason try and make it one.

  • SakurraSakurra Member Posts: 1,046

    I don't know what to say, but I would like to see locker's aura when I run head on.

  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 1,351

    30 meter might be too much but otherwise sure.

  • SabunoHakiaSabunoHakia Member Posts: 465

    That would only be possible by buffing killers which we know BHVR sure as heck does their best not too.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    That is good. I've only ever had one successful Head On play as a solo survivor and I've been playing since before it came out. It seems the devs care less and less about solo survivors though and balance around a four man swf at the same skill level.

  • landromatlandromat Member Posts: 2,193
    edited October 2021

    no we actually want solo q and swf to be at the same level

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,003

    Exactly. SWF should be closer to the level of solo queue, a.k.a. brought down to the same level. SWF is very strong and I honestly believe solo queue is pretty balanced, so why would we be buffing perks and mechanics for solos to be at the same level as SWF, when SWF is not balanced for the game in the first place? Wouldn't that make solo queue unbalanced and just as bad as SWF? Do Survivors in general really need buffs? 😂

    I would honestly say that most Killers are in a good place. If they buffed most Killers to deal with SWF, they would be far too oppressive in an average solo queue. I really can't say what a good fix would be but it sure as heck isn't buffing solo Survivors to be on par with SWF. Solos are in a good place right now and giving them anything that SWFs have (basekit Kindred, aura buffs that SWFs would already have access to, e.t.c.) would be awful and completely unbalance solo queue. I shudder to think of playing Killer and having to deal with SWF-level solos every game.

  • landromatlandromat Member Posts: 2,193

    Because you can't nerf swf. Best way is to buff solos and then killers

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,285

    Buffing solo to SWF level is exactly what needs to happen and people have been begging for it for years. This is one small way to head in that direction.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,128

    that's not too bad bit I would probably make it 15m.

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,003

    But SWF is already a problem and is not balanced for the game. Why do you want solos to be just as strong and unbalanced? Do you want people to not play Killer anymore?

    Solos are already strong enough, they don't need any buffs. There are perks you can take to help you (YOU!) have nearly as much information as SWF, but they're not absolutely necessary. I myself don't even use meta perks to speak of and I have good results nearly every game as an almost purely solo queue player. The game is designed around lack of information--it keeps Survivors from playing at 100% efficiency. SWFs are a problem because they know each others' locations at all times, thus resulting in 100% efficiency in their actions since they don't have to worry about where the Killer is. Survivors at 100% efficiency can end a game in minutes. The LAST thing the game needs is for solos to be brought anywhere close to that level.

    Please remember that the game was initially designed for purely solo queue. It was NOT designed for comms and that is completely evident in how powerful a SWF is versus solos. Giving solos free aura-reading because "SWF is stronger!" is completely asinine. If I want to have an easy game, I'll play SWF with comms. If I want to actually play the video game, I'll play solo as I do already and play it the way it was intended to be played. And I'll take aura reading perks if I feel like that information is necessary, which it isn't 99% of the time.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,117

    There is literally no feasible way to nerf SWF without having any knock on effects on solo queue players. The only way to balance this game would be to buff solo queue and then buff killers accordingly.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,117

    Have you seen the upcoming patch? Please don't make out that the devs hate killers when the game's updates clearly prove that to be entirely false.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,117
    edited October 2021
  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,285
    edited October 2021

    Comms are a fact of life, whether the game was designed with them in mind or not. They are the de facto baseline. However, you cannot nerf SWF. Every attempt or proposed attempt has the inadvertent effect punishing people who are simply playing with friends. Not every SWF group gains an advantage, some play worse.

    If you buff solo by way of QoL changes that improve their ability to coordinate with other survivors, that brings them up closer to SWF level without also buffing SWF.

    Once solo have been buffed to to SWF level, you can then buff killers to compensate.

    Buff to solos + buff to killers = net nerf to SWF.

    This is the only way to fairly nerf SWF.

    You could also nerf survivors in a way that evenly nerfs SWF and solo players, after giving survivor solo buffs that don't aid SWF, for a similar effect.

    QoL changes that aid solo but are superfluous to SWF:

    1. The ability to view other survivors loadout in the lobby.

    2. A limited basekit ability that allows you to track other survivors. (Ideally using the 'killer instinct' heartbeat graphic to give direction but not an aura)

    3. Preset chat messages that appear next to your portrait, such as; "Killer is here!" "Coast is clear" "Help me!" "Leave me"

    4. Some choice perk changes that give limited information, such as this Head On suggestion. Additionally: When in the dying state with Unbreakable ready, your aura changes to white instead of red. When hooked with active Deliverance, white aura instead of red. Etc.

    None of these things aid SWF because SWF would already be aware of them.

    With this in place, with all survivors on a much closer level, you could buff killer / nerf survivor in away that balances it out. Such as:

    1. Slower gen speeds or more effective basekit slowdown, like a % of base regression on kicking, or a delay to halting regression.

    2. Exhaustion or Bloodlust changes to slightly favour killer more, such as having the Exhausted status prevent fast vaults.

    3. Survivor item/add-on rebalancing.

  • KnotEnthusiastKnotEnthusiast Member Posts: 464

    +1, this guy gets it.

    Every change that gives information to solo queue that SWF already has narrows the gap between the two, allowing for buffs to be made to killer or nerfs to survivor that can bring down the strength of SWF without leaving solo queue in the dust. Changes to give information for solo queue players should be encouraged, as it means that the lack of strength of solo queue is no longer a limiting factor when buffing killers.

  • R1ch4rd_N1x0nR1ch4rd_N1x0n Member Posts: 1,611

    I agree, would make it actually useful in solo q.

  • SabunoHakiaSabunoHakia Member Posts: 465

    One buff to the killer side in how many patches doesn't count as they love us all that much. I could read a list of the buffs and nerfs that both sides have and it will read very very one sided.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,117

    Trust me, it really won't. You obviously don't know how bad the game was for killer on release.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    Imo head on needs a buff. I love this idea i was always in favor of a longer stun since there is no speed increase with head on.

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