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Slowdown Rework

So while reading and thinking I came across the topic of game speed.

While I already know that genspeed is not going to get changed as the devs confirmed this and I welcome this I thought about another aspect of the game that had to do with speed without touching the general speed of generators.

Killers with unique slowdown mechanics are quit fun. They add another challenge for survivors to overcome and to adept and give the Killer room for more exciting perks than Ruin/Undying/Pop. I play as Cenobite and against the Cenobite and must say that his box is one of the best features that were added to the game in rescent times.

However this shows a problem: Once you have inbuild slowdown for a Killer you can stack perks on top of that. Cenobite can use Hex: Ruin, Pop and Corrupt Intervention. This adds up to too much slowdown overall and makes it a bit uncomfortable for survivors.

As such I would like to suggest a general change that seems quit drastic: "Remove" the top slowdown perks from the game / rework them into a different function.

Now while this seems rash it will open up more opportunities for Killers when you bake in those perks into some of their basekit: Give Myers "Dying Light" base, give Clown Pop base and so on. Now you have different values that can be overhauled in case of and overperfomance.

Other examples for this could be:

  • Build in "Surge" for Demogorgon
  • Build in "Hex: Ruin" for Hag
  • Build in "Thanatophobia" for Legion
  • General Slowdown for Nightmare based on the number of sleeping survivors (buff the clocks if you do this!)
  • More zombies for Nemesis
  • Timetrapped Generators for Trapper (your generator will explode after X seconds of working on it, regressing it like a failed skillcheck and alarming the Trapper)

(Note that my examples are you quick thoughts. They are just brainstormed and not perfect.)

As an example when you notice that Myers games go to fast and he is not as successful as he should be you could increase or decrease his "Dying Light" value until you hit a sweet spot. Same goes for every other Killer with this system. You get an additional leveler on the Killers performance that allows you to adress that Killer specificly without touching the others.

The problem with the system right now is that you have as an example Hex: Ruin for everybody. Nurse, Blight and Spirit could performe well without this perks while Trapper, Legion and Myers will get stomped if you touche it. However because everybody has a Hex: Ruin Nurse, Blight and Spirit performe exceptionaly well while the other Killers are still bottom tier. Also the survivors have the same challenge every game: Find two glowing bonepiles to continue working on generators without getting caught by the Killer.

Perks like Hex: Ruin, Pop goes the Weasle are at a level that they limit your future design choices thus hindering you to make a more exciting challange for Killers and survivors. As hard as it is for me as a Killer player, those perks have to give for a better Meta.


  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    They have problem to balance even basic killers, this would make it way harder.

    Right now, they can get away with releasing killer without any slow-down, because you can fix it with perks, but with your system, it just wouldn't be possible. Every killer would have to be either really fast for good 1v4, or have good enough slow-down.

    Your Ruin / Pop etc., would just get replaced with No Way out, Noed

  • JohnWeakJohnWeak Member Posts: 854
    edited October 2021

    Ruin should not be a hex totem, just a normal perk, maybe with 150%/175% regression speed but that cannot be cleansed and could not be equipped with corrupt for exemple.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    Damn, that would be broken. It would be broken even as 100%. Good luck trying to win against 3-gen tactic.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 806
    edited October 2021

    Okay, we both come from different directions.

    In my opinion they have the problem of balancing basic Killers because they added things like Hex: Ruin. You can not balance a perk for Trapper as an example and then be surpiced when Nurse abuses the hell out of it.

    Of course there would always be a meta build. That is in the definition of "meta". However without those slowdown perks I think that Killers will play more differently as it frees up their perk slots and allows them to prioritise synergy with their basekit. Right now those slowdown perks are just a compensation for a weak basekit.

    That would be super Op and quit lazy. Uncoordinated survivors would suffer very much under this and against every Killer while at the same time not adressing the flaw of having the same slowdown on every Killer.

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