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So tombstone....

justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521
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Jump in locker they say.... It's a counterplay they said well I just had 57 minutes long game because he refused to hook both me and Nea before we were in lockers he had it unlimited because he mixed it with add on so how exactly locker is counterplay? We literally had to give up at some point because he wasn't gonna hook us after 50 mins of bs

Even he does hook you what kind of counterplay is that? "Oh u didn't died u just got hit by truck" that's the vibe I'm getting from those ppl saying it's counterplay

Tombstone needs major rework not saying nerf but rework either to not stack with unlimited tier 3 add on or something else this was such a waste of time I wanted to dc but hell I ain't getting penalty because of player like that I just gave him kill and gave up

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