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Question about blatant hacking

Question: How do you handle blatant hacking?

In a game yesterday as killer. The survivors (minus 1) were running circles around me. WHen I found the 3 the chases ensued. Noticed real quick that none were leaving scratch marks (can be explained by perks) but also found that I could not keep up with them at all. I got a second luck hit on one of them and they did not go down (possible lag?) hit the person a third time and again they kept running. To top it off I happened to look up in the sky and saw one of them floating in the air looking at me.

Seems they couldn't or would not leave the game after the gate had been opened. I waited for the impaling... Never happened.

I know this should be reported when we see it, But I want to know what you as a player typically does when you see something like this.


  • CryptFriendCryptFriend Member Posts: 416

    I play to the best of my ability, and if they hold the game hostage, then I wait them out--they'll leave before I do, and every hour that they waste time in the match with me is another that nobody else has to deal with them.

    In related news, I've made excellent progress through my book collection, and I genuinely think that they're too stupid to realize what I've been doing.

    On the other side, If they're foolish after the match is over, I just leave after repotting them--I've likely already gotten what I came for.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,287

    As soon as I notice a cheater my internet connection suddenly dies and I am disconnected from the game. No idea why this is. After a few seconds however, it suddenly works again and I wait out the 5 minute ban to play the next game. Quite convenient actually as I'd rather not play with cheaters.

    If I happen to play against too many cheaters though I suppose I'll need to upgrade my internet connection so I don't end up disconnecting and getting banned too often.

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