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And like a broken record...

DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

I'll say once, I'll say it again. This game sucks.

Poured thousands of hours into this game that gives me heart ache and gray hairs and like a red-headed step child, I keep coming back because there's nothing as close or as popular as this game. I thought the rank system was horrid and toxic before, and then they came out with SBMM and I honest to God miss old system. I am not having any fun in almost 90% of my matches. The matched "skill level" as I have to try my absolute hardest to even get 2 kills when I just want to play casually just makes this game miserable.

Couple that with the seemingly sudden surge of hackers and cheaters that frequent my games, the toxicity of players both in game and EGC, and the mountain of bugs and unbalanced Killers/Maps/Perks/Items/Add-ons just really compounds it to the point I'm honestly going to "quit" again.

Keep in mind, I'm not complaining about not getting "ez 4k wins". But I shouldn't be having to deal with DH/BT/DS/UB or any combination of the metaperks while all equipped with tool boxes/flash lights and better coordination than seal teams in the majority of my matches. I shouldn't be having 2-3 gens pop in what feels like under a minute by the time I get my first hook if I'm still not in a chase against a god looper.


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