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Infinite Loading Screens



  • HammyTheHam123HammyTheHam123 Member Posts: 1

    It has only happened to me when playing as survivor, and it commonly happens when I play as bill. It is also very hard to notice an infinitle loading screen because I sometimes get unusually long loading screens that do end up putting me into the game. It definitely has nothing to do with my internet connection, because I have pretty good WiFi.

  • MabelsableMabelsable Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2021

    Dbd devs: I will do unit testing tonight and record all that I can. I'll play 5 rounds with every survivor I have [PC] and record what perks I and the others are using, platforms of the other players, whether it's an infinite loading screen or not, and loading screen wait time. I'll send it to y'alls email when it's complete.

  • KaleDazeKaleDaze Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021

    Sad to say that its still happening after the patch.

    • When the issue occurred: Loading into a match
    • How the loading was initiated: Solo queuing as Mikaela Reid
    • Cross Platform: On
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  • domriverdomriver Member Posts: 139

    Platform : Switch

    Role: Killer - Cenobite

    Happened once the infinite loading screen.

    4 playable games and 1 infinite loading screen. not bad, Better than no games. Appreciate the patch it might have work for switch? I don't know but then again you didn't mention Switch in your patch notes. Will try again tonight and i will report back.

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