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Infinite Loading Screens



  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    Happened just once on Xbox One when loading into a trial after the lobby. The loading icon was moving, but never got to the match.

    I exited the game and pressed "quit" on the application, then restarted it. I've not had an issue since.

  • JayDoesGamesJayDoesGames Member Posts: 236
    edited October 2021

    I have this issue loading into a gme from joining my friends lobby via the in game system, or when they join mine. Game gets stuck after the offering screen. Disabling cross-play worked for one game, then the next crashed, so this doesnt not fix it.

  • LecardeLecarde Member Posts: 3

    So a followup to my previous post.

    This is the breakdown of my last 9 trials today, all played on PC through Steam:

    • Match 1: Solo survivor with cross-play enabled: No issue, trial played as normal
    • Match 2: Solo survivor with cross-play enabled: No issue, trial played as normal
    • Match 3: Solo survivor with cross-play enabled: No issue, trial played as normal
    • Match 4: 2 person premade with cross-play enabled: Infinite load screen when we should have loaded into the trial.
    • Match 5: 2 person premade with cross-play enabled: Infinite load screen when we should have loaded into the trial.
    • Match 6: 2 person premade with cross-play disabled: No issue, trial played as normal.
    • Match 7: Solo survivor with cross-play disabled: No issue, trial played as normal
    • Match 8: Solo survivor with cross-play disabled: No issue, trial played as normal
    • Match 9: Solo survivor with cross-play disabled: Infinite load screen, when we should have loaded into the trial.

    So for matches 1-3 cross play was enabled and worked. Matches 4-5 had it enabled and I encountered infinite load screen. Matches 6-8 had it disabled and I could play those matches fine. In match 9 with it still disabled I got the infinite load screen again.

    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes the games get created and we load it, sometimes it doesn't.😕

  • kristyn_teekristyn_tee Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021

    Continuously stuck in loading screens this morning/afternoon 10/21/21. Playing in a SWF with 4 friends, crossplatform (PS5/Console) three of us playing as Mikaela. We sat on loading screen for 10-15 minutes each time. We tried to burn an offering to a map without a disabled offering to check if it was a map bug and it finally loaded. Each time we could only progress but shutting our game down and we all lost our offerings each time we were stuck. Appears to be an issue with the disabled maps if they are chosen randomly in loading? We also depip every time this happens even though its not our fault.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,443

    PC -- Steam, crossplay enabled. Happened in my first match as solo survivor today (first match of the day). Was stuck on the pumpkin screen for about 10 minutes and then got a message saying the match was cancelled and someone disconnected while loading. Played an event offering, in case that matters.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,671

    Happened to me yesterday while loading into a match when playing with some friends. I had crossplay on but it was a 4-man swf anyways. I was on PC, 2 of my friends were PC, and the last one was on xbox.

    I was playing Feng. I don't remember which survivors my friends were playing but nobody was playing Mikaela and we weren't using any of the new perks. Since we were friends, we got into the game by accepting invites from each other so the matchmaking system only needed to find a killer. The lobby loaded fine but then proceeded to never finish loading into the match. We eventually gave up and reset the game.

  • FixatedUserFixatedUser Member Posts: 13
    edited October 2021

    Happened to me 3 times in a row yesterday as Trickster, lost my bloodpoint offerings as well. And then once more as Spirit. Of course while loading into a game.

    PS4 pro

    Crossplay on

  • RangTang6RangTang6 Member Posts: 1

    random Solo Match, 3 Mikaelas and there were also three of the tangled seed offerings used. Infinite loading screen happened after that point

  • SabofleurSabofleur Member Posts: 8

    Platform: PC/Steam

    Issue occured when: Loading into a public match

    Loading was initiated: Matchmaking

    Cross-platform is on.

  • elyampedup88elyampedup88 Member Posts: 9

    I have had it happen when there is atleast of the new survivors in the match.

  • Godofthedead356Godofthedead356 Member Posts: 1

    Im on xbox one and every timee i try to play as a killer the Loading screen to start the game take a long time and the only way it stop if someone leave

  • SallyKSallyK Member Posts: 1

    It happened twice now with crossplay on. I play with Nintendo switch. Mikaela was only in one lobby, I played as killer and the other survivors were from different platforms.

  • S1xKTruuS1xKTruu Member Posts: 2

    Soo playing before and after The Midnight Grove update, i get stuck loading into the match but now with a new wallpaper to look at but if you leave out the game and go back in it works for a match then does it again. Also eats my offerings so i dont know whether to leave or just sit and wait an hour….

  • rooCraahrooCraah Member Posts: 127

    Gotten up to 10 infinite loading screens out of 12 attempts to start a game as Nemesis in random queue. Crossplay on, using halloween offering/BPS/puddings and halloween addon. I've definitely had infiite loads on lobbies that don't have a Mikaela, since I saw her mentioned a few times.

    Also can y'all stop stealing my offerings when I close the game with task manager 3 minutes into a loading screen? or do you just expect me to wait for the loading screen to time out even after it's well past the point where a match has ever actually started? Trying to get nemmy from P2 to P3 but the infinite loading screens have me unable to use a pudding/streamer every game as I normally would on the 1-50 path before prestige 3

  • XombieRockerXombieRocker Member Posts: 317

    Playing on PS4.

    Playing as Demogorgon.

    Crossplay is on.

    Get into lobby just fine.

    Match loading starts, see offerings and all that.

    Loading progress bar reaches all the way across the screen, but match never starts.

    Eventually I just turned it off.

    This happened last night around 9:15pm.

  • puncherpuncher Member Posts: 64

    I am experiencing this issue right now.

    My platform is PS4 Pro. I was trying to play as survivor. And it took a really long time to load in but I finally loaded in.

  • Supernova53965Supernova53965 Member Posts: 1

    I'm getting so annoyed with dead by daylight. 4 times in a row I was disconnected from host. This new update is really messing things up and the infinite loading is stupid.

  • Blossom_kindredBlossom_kindred Member Posts: 6

    Is happening to me, playing in Ps5, join the lobby as killer and Survivor

  • gnehehegnehehe Member Posts: 289
    edited October 2021

    I can't even reach the title stage. Black screen for minutes after the EAC check: "DbD.exe not responding" ... I do not even see the typical "Press Space" message.

    This is the first time since 2016 I have this weird issue!

    /Edit: discord seems to cause this issue (maybe a bug with its overlay)

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  • LogmeinLogmein Member Posts: 1

    This issue has been happening to me since the Halloween event started today

    Playing on PC

    Playing as solo survivor with crossplay enabled

    I'm able to load into a lobby, but as soon as the match begins loading, I get an infinite load screen.

    Turning off crossplay, I'm able to successfully load into the match without issue

  • Queen21NateQueen21Nate Member Posts: 1

    Mine happened every match now. Happens every time loading into a match. I would sits here for 30 minutes 3 different times and even went into verify the integrity of the game but still happening.

  • Dropbear1209Dropbear1209 Member Posts: 2

    What happened is that when multiple people disconnect once the game starts the loading screen was about half an hour and then it showed me that they disconnected and I could return to the lobby after that

  • spidera1spidera1 Member Posts: 13
    edited October 2021

    If you don't offer the new offering, you load into the game fine.

    At least i stopped and infinite loading screens disappeared.

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138

    Loading into a match as Survivor, me and one friend, cross-play on for both of us. PC users. Steam users.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,995

    My sister had a theory that perhaps it was happening to me and not her because I reset the game for a new daily (which didn't even work this time, oddly enough). I get it through normal matchmaking, when the game is loading into a match via matchmaking. However, sometimes it doesn't even let me queue. Killer only so far. Crossplay on/ps4.

  • rysmrysm Member Posts: 30

    I was loading into a match as a survivor with crossplay turned on, on PS5 platform. Has only happened once and all other matches up to that have been fine. Had to close the game on my PS5 as it was not responding at all.

    I wasn't using the new survivor or any of the new perks or any of the updated survivor perks if that makes a difference lol

  • rysmrysm Member Posts: 30

    Loading into a match as a survivor with cross play on and the infinite loading screen happened. I wasn't using the new survivor or any of the new perks or any of the updated survivor perks. I also wasn't using an offering. Has only happened since today and all other survivor matches have been fine yesterday and the day before (minus in-game crashes).

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,864
    edited October 2021

    For me it happens while in a SWF lobby and after we all restarted because one of us broke the lobby (not appearing in the lobby for some but not all members) then we load into a match. It infinites while loading into that match, every time so far.

    I was Yui for one such occurrence, Claudette for another, and Nancy for three in a row yesterday. Haven't experienced it yet as killer.

    Xbox1x with Crossplay on

  • MetzuMetzu Member Posts: 84
    • Happened while loading into a match, stuck at 100% loading progress for at least 10 mins.
    • 3 Steam Players and 1 Crossplay; all survivors had the same issue, not sure about the killer tho.
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