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Infinite Loading Screens



  • Lord_XylumLord_Xylum Member Posts: 94
    edited October 2021

    Xbox One player. Crossplay on. Lobbies with Mikaela seem especially susceptible to long/infinite loading screens, but may not be exclusive to lobbies with Mikaela. Happens in custom games as well.

    Edit: Just tried loading into a new match with no Mikaelas present, nor even the presence of any of Mikaela's perks. I was Killer. All the Survivors DC'd due to the long loading. Maybe an issue with cross-platform server sync?

  • RespawnRespawn Member Posts: 58

    Cross platform enabled playing on Xbox S. Infinite loading screen is happening after getting into a lobby - Just sits there, fully loaded. Then when I force close dbd I have to reselect the halloween tome challenge I had previously selected

  • DoohickeyDoohickey Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021

    Playing as killer on Xbox one, infinite load screen with crossplay on and off, didn't make a difference for me. Noticed that the selected challenge clears after infinite screen. What did work was going into a match with no challenge activated. Tried turning a challenge on and got the infinite screen loading into the next match.

    Edit: played a couple of matches as survivor. No issues with challenges or crossplay. Something is wrong with killer challenges being active.

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  • MalechaiMalechai Member Posts: 66

    The only time we've experienced the infinite loading is when we are trying to load in as a 4 man SWF. We split off and tested it as 2 groups of 2 survivors and there have been no issues loading in.

    We are all PC Steam players and with crossplay on. This started yesterday.

  • Hito420Hito420 Member Posts: 58
    edited October 2021

    thats not the issue "2 man is good, 4 man is bad" the issue seems on my end when the cursed seeds are played, 2 games they were played, didnt load, 2 games they werent played, did load

    btw all 4 games were queued as a 2 man, so that shoots your theory down immediately

  • AkeatonAkeaton Member Posts: 4

    For the love of god, 3 infinite pre-game loading screens in a row. Nobody wanted to go for a 4th. Each time it was a console killer. 1 maury Ghostface, 1 double Iridescent addon Bubba, and 1 we didnt even care to check because WHY IS THIS SO UNPLAYABLE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. GUYS. Isn't this the ENTIRE POINT to the PTB?? Did you guys not try to start the game before releasing this?

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,416

    PS4, crossplay off. Have played as both killer and survivor. Anytime there is a Mikaela in the lobby the loading screen entering the match takes way longer, sometimes load in but most times someone DCs. PS4 fans usually start going crazy when loading screen gets stuck.

  • MisTypoMisTypo Member Posts: 1
    • When the issue occurred (loading into a lobby, loading into a match, etc.)
      • Loading into a match
    • How the loading was initiated (e.g. accepting an invite, matchmaking, etc.)
      • Matchmaking (solo queue)
    • Can you advise if you are playing with Cross Platform on or off. Thank you.
      • Cross-platform: On
  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,825

    There were no Mikaela’s in one of my infinite loading screen matches today. This is so hard to tell what’s causing it.

  • jinxykinzjinxykinz Member Posts: 72

    2 man swf, happens every time one of us brings a med kit with bandages add-on.

  • xLadyHarukaxxLadyHarukax Member Posts: 5

    On pc, both crossplay on or off.

    Infinite laoding screen when loading into a match.

    Group up as swf. 2 player.

    Happens one game out of 2-3

  • JuicymanJuicyman Member Posts: 60
    edited October 2021

    Both times I've crashed my archive hasn't remembered the Halloween challenge I selected after completing the previous one, no clue if this is the correlation but it's all I've noticed so far.

    Edit: This is not the issue

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  • IHinataIIHinataI Member Posts: 1

    It's happening to me from Assasino, it started happening at 1:08 am (BRT) on the 21st, after the offers were burnt my screen keeps loading infinitely

  • PipPip Member Posts: 8
    edited October 2021

    When the issue occurred (loading into a lobby, loading into a match, etc.)

    Loading into a match (post-Offerings).

    How the loading was initiated (e.g. accepting an invite, matchmaking, etc.)

    4-person lobby (I invited the others). The 3 people in our party had synchronized game tips on their loading screens, while I was desynced. Testing now with me as a guest of the invite vs. me inviting them. Crossplay enabled.

    Edit: Just had a successful solo queue experience where I was Mikaela and burned a Cursed Seed offering...

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  • ibbipuffsibbipuffs Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021
    • Steam
    • Loading into a match
    • Both solo queue and 2-man swf
    • playing Mikaela every time
    • cursed seed offering every time
    • cross platform on
  • Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

    Xbox Series X, cross play on.

    I get the infinite screen when I start to load into a game from a lobby. I’m SWFing with between 1-3 teammates.

  • deadpoolgirldeadpoolgirl Member Posts: 1

    Been having this issue since Wednesday. Happens two to three times a night on loading screen to start the match. The most frustrating things is I lose my pips because I have to force quit.

  • LadyBlue0LadyBlue0 Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021

    I'm playing solo killer on PS4 console. I am able to get into a lobby and ready up, but once I get into the pumpkin loading screen it gets stuck at 100% and stays there for 10+ minutes. Eventually the end-of-game lobby where the players are running shows up and it says a player disconnected during the loading time. This happened with crossplay enabled and with it disabled, I tried both ways. It has happened 3 times in a row, and I've tried playing ghostface each time.

    Also, probably unimportant, but every time I get kicked out of a game my selected tome challenge pauses? Kind of weird.

    Edit: I played a game without a Mikaela and it worked fine. That might be the cause, as some people have been saying.

  • Hito420Hito420 Member Posts: 58
    edited October 2021

    PC - windows 10


    crossplay - on

    so far have had infinite load with the event offerings (cursed seed) being used twice in a duo swf, without the cursed seed the game loads like normal and had 5 games in a row where the game loaded

    solo now, gonna play a cursed offering and see if it loads or not (since the friend i was playing with, you know, actually wanted to play the game)

    update the solo game 3 cursed seeds were played, my teammates were all either console or at the very least, non-steam players, and the game loaded, so i dont know why the first 2 games didnt load if it wasnt the newly introduced offering

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  • fakefake Member Posts: 2,619

    Occurred on ps4

    Occurs about 1 in 5 times when playing on killer.

    In fact, it's not infinite, it's finite. 10 minutes of waiting will bring you to the results screen.

    If you wait 10 minutes or so, you'll get to the results screen, where you'll see that one of your survivors has been disconnected from the match. The cause and effect is unknown.

    Crossplay is turned on.

    (machine translation, JP)

  • StarceStarce Member Posts: 1
    • When the issue occurred (loading into a lobby, loading into a match, etc.)
      • Loading into a match
    • How the loading was initiated (e.g. accepting an invite, matchmaking, etc.)
      • Survivor Matchmaking. I was playing with one other friend.
    • Can you advise if you are playing with Cross Platform on or off. Thank you.
      • Cross-platform: On

  • RazDragon24RazDragon24 Member Posts: 27
    edited October 2021

    Seemly Random. Might be new survivor triggering it. It happened every other match last night and so far both matches I have tried to get into today are infinite loading screens. Please tell me you will extend the holiday event if this isnt fixed in a timely manner. I dont want to miss out because I can't get into a match



    Cross Play on Trying with out Cross play now

    Edit: turned off Cross play and got into a match

  • IPlayGamesOnPCIPlayGamesOnPC Member Posts: 28

    Not sure if this is related, but I can't even get that far. I'm stuck on "Preparing to login" and eventually it just says I need a network connection to play, which I know for a fact I have.

  • thisisanameuserthisisanameuser Member Posts: 2

    i'm also stuck on infinite "preparing to log in" limbo. prior to that i had to keep disconnecting from infinite loading screen matches.

    Steam user, Windows 10, all that jazz.

  • v4lorv4lor Member Posts: 71

    I had an Infinite Loading screen, and had to force-close my game. Now I have this Preparing to Log In issue, as well.

    PC, restarted game, restarted Steam, restarted PC, nothing works. Can't play.

  • yut_yeetyut_yeet Member Posts: 1

    Trying to play pig tonight and have gotten the infinite loading screen twice. The match just wouldn't start. Finally ended with a match cancelled error code 500. I'm on a ps4.

  • v4lorv4lor Member Posts: 71

    Also flushed my DNS, still cannot log in at all.

  • RemembsRemembs Member Posts: 1

    Hey! I’ve been playing survivor few days now, on and off and can always find a game. Even towards night when it does take a bit. However, when I go to killer I cannot even manage to load into one, or if I do..I do so infinitely, only few instances has it just booted me like a restarted the game. Every daily ritual I have, which is of course maxed at three, also resettled and ends up requiring me to play killer, therefore I’m stuck never actually earning anything.

  • feeblecurvefeeblecurve Member Posts: 3

    I am on console and posted here already but after I turned off cross-play after a few matches it broke again but I turned cross-play back on it worked so if you have this bug then turn off or on cross play for a little then switch it back

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