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Infinite Loading Screens



  • BenihimeWrathBenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    Platform: PS4 pro

    Connecting to match as killer

    Crossplay enabled

    Issue seemingly not present connecting to match as survivor solo, or in group.

  • MalechaiMalechai Member Posts: 66

    It....wasn't a theory. I was sharing what was happening when I experienced the issue so the devs can track any trends. Yeesh.

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,215
    edited October 2021

    EDIT: Tried again at 11:30 pm EST and managed to load in after a protracted wait, instead of timing out.

    Logged in via Steam on a PC and played two matches with no problems at 4:30 pm EST.

    Tried to log in later, at 11:15 pm EST, only to encounter a loading time-out bug on the first game log-in screen (the one after the intro cinematic):

    "No Network Connection"

    "In order to access this content, a network connection is required."

    I force-quit and restarted the game to try again with no luck. I force quit and relaunched Steam to try again with no luck. I restarted my computer to try again with no luck.

  • HybridLPangel26HybridLPangel26 Member Posts: 113

    it occurs upon startup of the matchmaking waiting in the lobbies for half an hour on steam,xbox one,switch,and ps-4

  • NukindasunNukindasun Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021

    I burnt a Macmillan Estate offering -> got an infinite loading screen

    I burnt a Coldwind Farms offering -> got an infinite loading screen

    My friends(yun-jin, adam francis, and dwight->blight/nemesis/ killers) that I was playing with were stuck in the infinite loading screen and then DC'd and that pulled me out of the infinite loading screen to the lobby. They experiences the network connection issue, then I was able to load into a game and play (adam francis, yun-jin, and mikaela reed characters->trickster killer) -> they were all console players and I'm on PC. Then my friends got past the connection issue, we jumped into another match and then another infinite loading screen(same characters as mention before->doctor killer). Then jumped into another lobby with friends (yun, adam, feng, and meg->trapper killer) and another infinite loading screen.

    I also had a game where the killer burnt a Coldwind Farms offering as well -> got an infinite loading screen.

    Not sure if there's any correlation between characters/killers/offerings. But that's the best I can do to help. (error code: 500 upon disconnect).

    Signing off,


    Gossip Girl.

  • Lord_XylumLord_Xylum Member Posts: 94

    Update: Just got into an Xbox-only lobby and am now in an infinite loading screen. I guess scratch the crossplay-only theory.

  • ImposeImpose Member Posts: 400

    Literally 3 games in a row infinite loading. new survivor. running fixated, sprint burst, kindred, shadowstep

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 464

    Happened to me twice loading into a match. Solo, no invite, on PC but I THINK all the players were console (Crossplay tuned on). Happened as both survivor and killer.

  • KingLeoDesKingLeoDes Member Posts: 17

    Survivors will dc if in offering selection they see a secret from killer or a white ward to attempt to force the user to lose item if not their friends offering due to 3rd party vc

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 343
    edited October 2021

    10 of my last matches


    Infinite - Ironworks of Misery (didn't record survivors)

    Infinite - Suffocation Pit (didn't record survivors)

    Loaded - Midwich (Meg, Meg, Claudette, Nea)

    Loaded - Mother's Dwelling (Kate, Leon, Bill, David - all pc players)


    Loaded - Gideon (Cheryl !cons!, Claudette, Meg, Mikaela)

    Loaded - Lery's (Meg !cons!, Mika !cons!, Mika, Laurie !cons!)

    Loaded - Wreckers' Yard (Meg, Claudette, Claudette, Meg)

    Infinite - Coal Tower (Jill, Jake, Dwight, Jill)


    Loaded - Lery's (Dweet, Dweet, Feng, David - all consoles)


    Infinite - Gideon (Meg, Meg, Zarina, Nea)

  • voelklvoelkl Member Posts: 12

    Happened on 9 games out of 12 attempted games last night, we gave up trying to play in the end.

    • We were a party of 2, it was loading into the game that we got the infinite screen.
    • Had to task manager quit the game after 10mins of loading.
    • Playing nea
    • On steam
    • With cross play enabled.

    Thank you

  • 1bella_donna_1bella_donna_ Member Posts: 3

    Happened to me 3x's earlier this evening on my ps4, and i got error message 500 on two if them, and the 3rd i actually had to close the game

  • PhotoclericPhotocleric Member Posts: 10

    Playing on Xbox One

    Happened when I try to enter a match as killer (Yesterday was Demogorgon, today is Nemesis).

    The loading screen takes 10-15 minutes and it ends with 2 or 3 survivors DCd.

    Last time it took 7 restarts and an hour to fix it, 5 this time.

    Nothing in common in both matches except that I was using Undying on both killers.

  • KingLeoDesKingLeoDes Member Posts: 17

    Here’s my help this is my experience groups will intentionally sabotage a hunters experience if they see an offering from the killer and a solo survivor doesn’t offer an item

  • renee09173renee09173 Member Posts: 9

    I survive with friends, so we are a team of FOUR. We have only played approximately two matches since 9pm Pacific Time Zone. Between the first two matches we were stuck in the loading screen for about five minutes before our killer left and it sent us to the main menu. We are now on our FIFTH attempt because we get stuck in the loading screen between 5-10 minutes before someone leaves. We haven't been able to get past the loading screen to enter the actual game for about 30 minutes.

    Also, earlier I was doing solo-q and out of my 10ish matches, about 6 of them we were stuck on loading screens after everyone and killer ready up.

    Sometimes after waiting about 15 minutes on a loading screen it loaded, but that was with my solo-q and I included that in the games played because EVENTUALLY it worked.

    From what I've seen there is nothing contributing to this issue other than you all adding Hour of the Witch. I, PERSONALLY (don't want anyone to be offended) feel that Hour of the Witch was not ready to come out of PTB because of the bugs/glitches it still had. That is when the problems started for everyone. I am a steam/PC player and it is frustrating I can't even play. I have tried turning off cross play and playing with cross play, it happens both ways.

  • prxtoprxto Member Posts: 1

    been trying to play for the last 2-3 days (PS4) and this has occurred and not even a restart of application will fix it.

    After 2 games of killer or survivors with crossplay the game loads into lobbies, however as soon as the match begins I’ll be put in a 10-15 minute loading screen just to be disconnected or to have to restart my game. For now the only solution I’ve had is to play 4 games then wait a few hours and play more. If it helps at all, it usually occurs more frequently on killer AFTER I’ve changed my add-ons or brought up the loadout menu. Thanks and hope you guys can get this sorted out soon.

  • Killer_NPCKiller_NPC Member Posts: 36
    edited October 2021

    Played about 10 games without any issues and now it happened again.

    PC , Crossplay On, SoloQ only

    1. It's not related to maps because it happened on maps that loaded normaly
    2. It's not boon totem or new survivor because I played a game with new survivor having boon totem and game worked fine
    3. It's nor related to crossplay , played with it on and off and on both it was sometimes infinite sometimes normal

    It may be related to some perk but its hard to tell which one

    What I noticed is that when loading screen first appears and the red entity "saving" on mid top appears the game loads normaly , but when it doesnt show that red entity saving thing then it is infinite load. (not before the game starts but right as the loading screen appears, because obviously it always appears right after load is over and game is about to start)

  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 162

    Happened once last night to me. It was taking forever loading into a match as the trapper. I’m on ps5 playing the ps4 version with cross play enabled

  • PravacyPravacy Member Posts: 1

    Steam platform.

    Usually after 2-3 games of no trouble, the infinite load into the game begins. I haven't had any trouble with it as a killer, its usually when I'm a survivor (solo que).

    Sometimes I have to restart my game, or someone in the lobby "disconnects" and then the game just ends automatically.

  • MedicSpirit7MedicSpirit7 Member Posts: 689
    edited October 2021

    Happens to me as both killer and survivor when loading into the map from the ready up lobby. After I restart the game I can’t get into any match without it saying “disconnection from host”. Cross play on

  • PsychoSe7eNPsychoSe7eN Member Posts: 5

    Every game I spend more time on loading screens than playing the game.

    - entering the game

    - infinite happening more frequently recently, have to reset the game

    - both pc and Xbox with cross play enabled

    Loading in this game is the worst. Most days it's 80% of my time spent loading and 20% actual game play, esp if the game ends quickly

  • HeyItsQuietHeyItsQuiet Member Posts: 214

    Solo survivor, crossplay on, Xbox series X. Everyone readies up, but the loading screen prior to match just stops shortly before 100% or at full load bar. It's about every 2-3 games, intermittent with Disconnected From Host.

  • Had a couple matches that wouldn't load tonight, SWF once with a crossplay friend and SWF a 2nd time with 2 other non-crossplay friends.

    I wonder if it is that people aren't updating their inventories- replacing the items that got removed, changed or disabled with the latest updates.

    We used to have our inventories cleaned out after certain updates but we haven't had one of those in a while. Would making the affected items/perks unequip fix it?

  • Hael_803Hael_803 Member Posts: 2

    Playing on steam pc with cross-platform turned on. It happened when loading into a match, I was in a party and playing as a survivor (Mikaela). It happened to us a couple times and we'd have to force close, but end up losing a tick on our rank progress. :(

  • cheeseyboycheeseyboy Member Posts: 1

    Someone burned a Haddonfield offering and I was stuck for 5 minutes. I wouldn't say it's exclusive to offerings, since I notice the infinite glitch in about 1 in 5 games. It's random, but definitely reoccurring. All survivors (including myself) were on PC, the killer was on console. I was stuck loading into the match, and found was put into the lobby through matchmaking. Thanks for working on this and best of luck! It's frustrating for us but I'm sure equally as frustrating for the devs. <3

  • KingLeoDesKingLeoDes Member Posts: 17

    these were back to back as hunter both with white ward active and the person who dc returned his item to refuse my offering because he disconnected

  • GrumpierCentaurGrumpierCentaur Member Posts: 1

    Yes I play as both Survivor and Killer frequently and I have to say I play the killer side more but it doesn't seem to matter which side of the game you choose to play Survivor or Killer.

    Earlier today when I was playing I experienced this bug for both Survivor and Killer at a sporadic pace in games.

    I played Survivor with friends and invites were just fine and loading into lobbies for both Survivor and Killer

    The issue would only occur after players a ready to load into the game sometimes just loading all the way on the progress bar but never loading

    These infinite loading screens happened to me between 3:00pm - 9:00pm yesterday October 21st 2021

    I'm playing with Cross Play on an


  • CuctiCucti Member Posts: 3

    Im an origional xbox one player with crossplay on. I would say 1/3 of the time I will get a infinite loading screen (the loading screen is the one after the offering burn screen, so the very last one before you get into a match). No other load screens have an infinite one for me and I have never experienced any types of crashes. After around 4-5 minutes i close the game, making me lose all offerings and add-ons i bring with me. This has happened to me more freqeuently as killer than survivor, but maybe i'm just getting luckier as survivor. All other players would have to wait the long 4-5 minutes just ot get booted out the match as i inevitably disconnect. Very annoying, happens 1/3 of time. Has happened to me multiple times in a row too which is just painful lol.

    Thanks for looking into this problem.

  • TheMadCatTheMadCat Member Posts: 2,118

    PC. Steam.

    It only happens when I played Survivor, the loading screen to enter the match. I've done a dozen of Killer matches and I had no issue to enter the match.

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