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Over the last 2 updates I have seen what can only be called a ######### show after the updates went live. I understand that something's can not be foreseen when the beta is transferred to the production servers, but the beta servers should be a good copy of the production to make sure everything is as close as possible for the testers to test.

No, you can't really replicate the massive logins that the production servers sees, but the way the testing goes it is only open for PC players. This leaves small problems for how the console players systems will work in that environment, and when it goes to production servers.

There are things that boggle my mind though. With the Pinhead release (might have been before) there was a problem with totems that could not be reached. Maps were removed due to it, which is understandable, so they could be fixed. Point is this problem was known. Fast forward to the last update. Three maps (I think) now have a problem with totems. Now the killer cant get to them to snuff out the player driven boon. Was not the totems a big problem in the last update? With killers being able to snuff boons a major activate in the newest update, would it not be smart to make sure that they are able to do that at every totem gem point in every map? This really should have been checked in early development of this newest update as it is a "major" feature to this update.

Just seems that QC (if they have it) is getting really lax. The more problems you have post update the more players are going to find other games to play which means the company is going to not make as much money which means the game will die.

And for the Halloween update? Isn't this the biggest time of year for the game? It would seem that the Halloween update would be the one major update to get right.



  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,117

    I dont think they have any qc. They probably gave their budget to the team that designs cosmetics.

  • IntrovertedvetIntrovertedvet Member Posts: 47

    I am sure that's where most of their income comes from for the game, though I wish that would put more killer skins out...

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    I think part of it is to do with Tile variation potentially being a problem with regards to some edge-cases, but consistent Totems spawns should be easily tested with an in-house Perk that shows all Totem Auras, a Setting that spawns all Totems, and simply making the Killer/Survivor perform the cleanse action that breaks the Totem (such as to allow testers to be able to do a sweep and keep track of the Totems).

  • SlothGirlySlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146

    QC would actually be caring about the player base tho. Can't be having that

  • PalletsAndHooksPalletsAndHooks Member Posts: 989

    That sounds like actual work, sir. Don't be offensive.

  • IntrovertedvetIntrovertedvet Member Posts: 47

    That is kind of my point. PTB and prior to something released there should have tools to test the game with. They knew they had a problem with totems with the last update. Logic (should) dictate that those be checked with the newest update especially with killers now being able to snuff out boons.

    And to the PTB players. For the most part this is considered late beta testing and bugs like the above should have been found. Also, there are not many PTB players out there and most are just wanting to play the game not bug hunt, and while I can't fault the players for that, but that is not going to find many bugs.

    There really needs to be a server dedicated to testing the game where a player can log in and hunt for things. This should be done by someone on the dev team or someone that understands the tools and is given compensation for their finds or time. Just does not seem that is happening the way we would hope.

    Oh, and no this will not find everything, especially like the 500 error bug people are having problems with, but it would be a start.

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