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The Lawnmower Man Chapter Idea

Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

So, Lawnmower Man is a 1992 film starring Pierce Brosnan as Dr Lawrence Angelo a scientist working on virtual reality to help improve people's cognitive functions. Jobe Smith is an intellectually challenged greenskeeper who Dr Angelo runs experiments on in order to improve his intellect. Things don't go as planned when Angelo's tests are taken interest in by an organiation called The Shop. Jobe develops telekinetic and telepathic powers, he also develops psychopathic aggression. It also had a side-scrolling action game on the SNES. Both of which are great.

Here is my chapter idea for it:

The Experiment


32m 🎯

Tall ↕

Jobe's mental capacity exceded that of any other human, thanks to Dr Angelo's treatments. Uploading his being into the digital mainframe, his powers grew.

Power: Virtual Conversion

Start the Trial with 4 Virtual Reality Headsets. Stand over a Survivor in the Dying state to place a Virtual Reality Headset on them.

A Survivor with a Virtual Reality Headset on cannot be Manipulated, but becomes susceptible to the Mind Laser. They also see The Experiment in his Virtual Form.

In order to remove a Virtual Reality Headset, a Survivor must interact with a Cyberspace Terminal to seperate themselves from The Experiment's reality. When interacting with a Cyberspace Terminal, they must complete a series of difficult skill-checks. Successfully removing the Virtual Reality Headset while within 16m of The Experiment grants them the Endurance status for 6 seconds.

Special Ability: Mind Laser

While a Survivor has a Virtual Reality Headset on, Press and hold the Power Button to aim the laser. Release the Power button to fire the laser.

Jobe roars when firing the laser.

The laser has a range of 8m and has a width equivalent to maximum FOV.

The laser projectile speed is 4m/s.

Any part of the laser colliding with environmental objects breaks up the beam but does not stop the laser completely.

Mind Laser can hit multiple targets with one beam.

Mind Laser has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Hitting a healthy Survivor with the laser causes them to suffer with the Hindered status effect for 3 seconds and scream.

Hindered doesn't stack.

Hitting an injured Survivor with the laser causes a Health state of damage.

Special Ability: Reality Manipulation

Press and hold the Secondary Ability button to focus a survivor without a Virtual Reality Headset on within 12m of your location.

After focusing a Survivor for 1.5 seconds they become Maniupluated.

A Manipulated Survivor suffers from the Blindness status effect and cannot perceive pallets for 30 seconds. Manipulated Survivors can still interact with pallets but suffer a 25% debuff to vaulting and dropping actions.

Each subsequent manipulation takes an additional 0.1 second to complete.


The Experiment:

Mind Over Matter - You can achieve telekinetic feats others would deem impossible.

After damaging 7/6/5 generators this perk activates for 90 seconds. During this time, all great repair skill-checks are removed. When a survivor misses a repair skill-check the generator is blocked for 10 seconds.

"Mind over matter, Dr Angelo. Not a miracle, a fact." - Jobe Smith

Artificial Reality - You are able to manipulate aspects of the trial to your advantage. Hooks are more durable and Survivors are as light as a feather.

Hooks do not get destroyed upon sacrificing a Survivor. A hook that hasn't yet been used to hook a survivor cannot be sabotaged by a Toolbox.

Pickup speed is increased by 5/10/15%.

"I am god here!" - Jobe Smith

Superior Intelligence - You can see into the minds of lesser humans.

Any time a Survivor perk activates within 64m of your location you gain a visual notification from where it activated.

Has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

"What are you blocking? You can't hide anything from me." - Jobe Smith

Dr Lawrence 'Larry' Angelo:

New Possibilities - Your research opened up doors for amazing discoveries.

While you are unlocking or searching a chest, your aura is revealed to all survivors and all survivor auras are revealed to you within 40m/52m/64m

Unlocking your first chest guarantees a Utility Flashlight.

"This technology was supposed to expand human communication." - Dr Lawrence Angelo

Dedicated To Progress - You know first hand that not everyone can handle what your work demands of you. The burden isn't easier when you're alone, but you have to succeed regardless.

When you are further than 40m away from a teammate this perk activates.

While active, the cooldowns and the time needed for your perks to activate are decreased by 20%.

The effects of this perk linger for 1/2/3 seconds after another survivor enters within 40m of your location.

"I gotta find a way to continue the work on my own. I can't wait any longer." - Dr Lawrence Angelo

Slow Absorption - You take the necessary time to analyse and appreciate the context of all the data you are gathering.

After the Trial has exceded a duration of 180 seconds this perk activates.

While active, the auras of all survivors within the killers Terror Radius, not being chased, are revealed to you within a range of 64m/96m/128m.

"There's something to be said for slow absorption." - Dr Lawrence Angelo


1) While a Survivor has a VRH placed on them, The Experiment straps the Survivor into a Cyberspace Terminal and proceeds to attack them with 3 Mind Lasers until they explode into blue (if they're a male) or red (if they're a female) particles.

2) While a Survivor does not have a VRH placed on them, The Experiment stares dowm at them, looking into their eyes; a visual effect of The Experiments virtual form appears in both The Experiment's and Survivor's eyes as a lawnmower. The Survivor falls to the floor limp and unblinking. The Experiment says "Lawnmower Man's in YOUR head now. There is no escape, ever."

Map: Virtual Space Industries - VSI Laboratory

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