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Hillbilly - Curving and other tricks

GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 806

So...there was this realy cool Hillbilly skin and somehow it ended up in my collection. Now you can not play that work of art without some skill and especialy without some of the realy fine skills that can be used and abused by Hillbilly.

I am not new to the character by any means. Hillbilly was the first Killer I played when I started the game and he is fun, fast and exciting. I still believe he could use some more love to his addons and his hitbox but that is fine. He is a pretty good Killer and I love him. I have a few hours into him, all his teachables and can run a fine build too.

Now I am seraching for some good guides where I can learn some of the more advanced tips: How to curve, where to slide (no collision) and how to do some good tricks with his engravings or other add-ons. Does anybody know such a guide? I take anything from forum posts to texts and videos, whatever works and has good information.

Or do you have some more advanced tips and tricks up your sleves that you would share with me? Help would be greatly appreciated.


  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,390

    While older ohtofu’s complete hillbilly guide is pretty solid

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 2,118

    Well good luck to you but I fear that most guides will be outdated. Some knowledge could be still used from these guides tho.

    I think not much people are making guides on Billy these days since his rework but I might be wrong.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

    Effective Billy curving is mechanically the most difficult skill to master in Dead By Daylight in my opinion. Far more difficult than playing Nurse, too.

    There's basically 2 types of curving.

    1) Engravings curving which is typically done by standing at the opposite side of a loop and faking both directions until you think the survivor commited to one direction too long allowing you to "take the shot" due to the insane engravings speed.

    2) Base curving which is a "wee bit" more difficult as it requires a very specific chainsaw timing and perfect distance to the survivor you're chasing (about 5 meters). Even then they have to underestimate you and greed the pallet. If they however do greed the pallet base curving is almost unreactable even with Billy's base sprint speed and will look like this:

    Notice how both of my successful base-curve-downs happened at almost identical distance which is "just" out of stun range. I can upload more clips without using any addons. (Addons don't affect base curving.)

    When base curving you need to time the chainsaw optimally because feathering the charge up bar for too long causes you to lose that tiny bit of distance that makes the difference of you actually getting the hit or "barely" missing the survivor.

    Other than that curving really comes down to knowing collisions (you can slide on Azarov cars for instance. They almost have no collision. Same goes for stuff like chests) and obviously having a perfect reaction time as the curve-window is basically just a split-second after the start of the sprint.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,910

    Billy is the only killer I never feel bad going down to.

    I have immense respect when they down me with m2 at some loops. I feel good but also a bit bad for them because I know how hard it is.

    Bless them. And if they m2 me when I am injured I honestly tear up. I guess I miss them a little bit much and I get emotional when they show kindness even tho they are struggling.

    I am not even overreacting I am being honest. I love billy but they deserve to rise like a phoenix again.

  • lewislewis Member Posts: 63

    Practice practice practice. It’ll take a lot of games to master curving, I myself have only really started.

    To help with curving you can have high dpi and having the controller sensitivity setting to 100%, this affects curving for some reason even though I use a mouse. You can bind camera turning to keys but I prefer the mouse. (assuming you're on pc)

    there are loads of sneaky tricks that you’ll only find by practicing or watching the best, I suggest battleguy, he has the most chainsaw hits in the world (63k hits) or quixotic green (43k hits) who only chainsaws. (both on twitch, though battle does highlight vids on youtube)

    I learned the double curve off battleguy, where you flick two directions when starting to chainsaw sprint to get around obstacles.

    here's me doing a couple of double curves

    and good luck hitting real good players, hillbilly is really fun but against good players who know how to deal with him, you'll be lucky to get a chainsaw hit on em.

    for builds I prefer the chase heavy, aggressive ones over gen slowdown. the one in the gif is my go to, though it's usually lethal pursuer over I'm all ears.

    good luck with learning billy, he takes a lot of mechanical skill and knowledge but that's why we love him, getting those cool curves is all that matters.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 5,215

    Ill always plug myself when I can. Feel free to check me out on twitch at coty_baker/ttv. I play a bunch of billy and am happy to give advice.

    Alternativly. Watch kaiZ or GTVel. They're both cracked as ######### at billy.

    You can also check out these clips as ways to deal with certain tiles.

    Make them go around the LT in a certain way and make them think you're doubling back. I'd say 7/10 this works

    If you can be in position at jungle gyms. Hiding your light the whole way until the end works a solid 6/10 times

    Not mine...But this is a solid billy 360 at a pallet if you can practice that

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,052

    Sofareks has a really good Hillbilly guide on youtube

  • PsychoTronPsychoTron Member Posts: 349

    i also recommend KaiZ; he plays all killers and he is IMO the best killer i've seen so far

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 806

    Thanks for all of your input, I will look up all the material and practice to implement some of their tricks into my arsenal on the way to become a descent Billy.

  • SofaReksSofaReks Member Posts: 18

    I got a guide on my youtube and am always down for advice 😁🤝

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 806

    Been there and seen it. You were one of the first things that popped up to me when I strayed away from streamers who play every Killer a little bit. The guide helped me quit a bit even if I am still trying to get down some mechanics (I find curving quit difficult especially with speed add-ons) and watching you got me to play "no clobbering" too which is tough but I am slowly feeling the results.

  • IliketoplaykillerIliketoplaykiller Member Posts: 352
    edited January 5

    I forgot which streamer I was watching the other night(billy main), but he mentioned that no matter what your mouse dpi is, it doesn’t affect curve direction FYI.

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