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Ghostface - Add-on suggestion

So after we got this nice update where my all time favourite got the cooldown on his ability reduced by quit a bit and in return had his add-ons nerfed rightfuly so, I think it is time to change Ghostface add-ons for good. I know it is a common complain but most of Ghostys add-ons are just not exiting. Now I do not want anything "gamebreaking" of Ghostface and I respect that some add-ons are just state buffs. This is fine. But a few could be better off...and just offer more exciting effects.

  1. "Philly" - I would like to see the return of "old" Philly. Remove its current effect, then add it that Ghostface gets his power back every time a generator is completed.
  2. Olsens Journal - You can no longer mark more than 1 survivor at a time. All other survivors stalking progress is halted while 1 survivor is marked.
  3. Reusable Cinch Straps - Survivors no longer lose stalking progress upon taking a hit. Your mark duration is reduced by 15 seconds.
  4. Olsen's Wallet - Downing a marked survivor adds 50% stalking progress to all survivors within your terror radius. You no longer see a Killer instinkt when you are revealed.
  5. Knife Belt Clip - When a survivor reveals you while "Night Shroud" is active their stalking progess is immediatly filled by 49,5%. (Number so that 2 reveals are not a full mark but rather a 99% stalk)
  6. Victim's Detailed Routine - While following scrachmarks when "Night Shroud" is active you gain stalking progress at 1/10 of the normal stalking rate to up to a total of 80% progress. (Resulting in 20 seconds of "chase" for 80% stalk)
  7. "Ghost Face Caught on Tape" - You can no longer activate "Night Shroud". However you can now stalk survivors while crouching.
  8. Outdoor Security Camera - Your normal stalking speed is reduced by -50%. Survivors running through an 20m radius of a competed generator gain stalk progress at 1/5 of the normal stalking rate up to a total of 90%.

And finaly we add a descent meme-add-on. This has to change as well...poor lost soul who uses this thing...

Cheap Rubber Mask - "A cheap version of a great mask. Good luck scaring somebody with this." - You detection range gets doubled (+100%). You gain +100% bloodpoints for hit score events.

Now this is just a brainstorm and I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. My goal is not to buff Ghostface, thou I would be fine with that, my main goal is to make his add-ons more exiting that just plain old stat buffs. All add-ons not noted here are supposed to stay the same for this reason.

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