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If survivors HAD to have a mandatory secondary objective what would you like it to to be?

FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 493
edited October 2021 in General Discussions

Not saying I would want this to be a thing but with how many people say gens get done too fast I wonder if a secondary objective wouldn't be too bad to implement.

My idea would be that survivors need to find fuel before they can work on a gen, there are 10 fuel canisters around the map to prevent killers camping the last one or survivors holding one hostage. Once they put the fuel in the gen it can be worked on for the rest of the match. Only 1 fuel canister is required per gen.

Again I don't think it's really needed but with how many people are saying games go by too quickly I wonder if it may be an idea worth considering. :)



  • MekochiMekochi Member Posts: 614

    I like the idea of fuel canisters, also maybe so they have a bit of variety, there can be toolboxes (not the item, like the heavy duty ver. that has to be rolled around) and they have to find gears within the boxes that can take a couple of seconds as if they were searching a chest. It can have an animation of the survivor tucking away the gear in their pocket, and for fuel canisters it would count as an item so they'd have to replace their item with the canister.

    There would be can even amount of gears and toolboxes spread around the map (4 each since in total there's 8 gens with only 5 to be worked on), It could make the experience more immersive and I would definitely love playing survivor a bit more since it won't just be holding m1/rb/r1(? i don't play PS4 idk the controllers)

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,561

    I'd be for an early game idea where a survivor needs to locate a sigil on the map before they can start gens. It may not take long, but I don't think they need a ridiculously long start game. If every sirvivor had that, it would give the killer a little more time, but not be horrendous.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    I don't think a secondary objective would work. It'd have to be something optional, like building breakable walls, to create stronger loops.

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 493

    Maybe not, I just always feel guilty when I spawn next to a gen and the killer is on the complete opposite side of the map so by the time they get to me I've pretty much already done the gen

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 3,847

    Current objective:

    • 80sec x 5 Gen
    • Open Gates

    My idea:

    • 50sec x 5 Gen
    • Collect 25 charges of Gas in 10sec
    • Fill 25 charges of Gas into Gen in 5sec
    • Each charges of Gas allowed to fix 1sec of Gen
    • Gen can hold maximum of 25 charges of Gas

    Which mean doing Gen alone requires a trip collecting Gas (10sec), fill in Gen (5sec), repair Gen for 25sec, a trip collecting Gas (10sec), fill in Gen (5sec), repair Gen for 25sec to complete.

    • Killer hit a survivor will deplete Gas they're carrying.
    • Killer kick a Gen will instantly deplete Gas in Gen.
    • Gen progress is no more regressed.
    • Open Gates
  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 691

    Bonus bloodpoints for every 10x teabags within a 4 metre radius of the killer.

    Or something boring like a buff that survivors have to activate but if the killer prevents them, they get a buff instead.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 3,608

    It’s probably too late in the game to make generators require fuel but I like the idea in principle in that it would add more variety for what the survivors get to do during a match. I don’t actually think gen speeds are “too fast” so I don’t think gathering fuel is needed to slow the game down, but I could hypothetically see if they were doing “DBD 2.0” making it so survivors need to gather fuel for three generators and then complete three generators using that fuel. (So get to 3 fuel pump and repair 3 generators versus complete 5 generators.) Tweak the times on the fuel gathering and repair so the overall game length is about the same and I could be down for that. 🙂

  • LeonxJiwoonLeonxJiwoon Member Posts: 455

    The ability to kill the killer.

  • I'd say it would be totems. Anything that takes too long will only help the killer in a huge way, and totems are perfect for what they cost. Survivors choose not to do totems and it only hurts them. So maybe hexes should be stronger than they are so survivors will feel more inclined to deal with them.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 2,407

    I've been working on a post that would rework the flow of a Trial, and one idea I came up with is the introduction of "Events" within a Trial, something that pauses normal objectives for both killers and survivors and they both have to focus on this one thing, and which ever side wins this exchange will be heavily rewarded

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 3,427

    It would take significant work, but I'd like a secondary objective themed around each map.

    Gas on Autohaven, floodlights on Ormond, punching yourself repeatedly in the groin on RPD etc.

  • BillyAndStuBillyAndStu Member Posts: 115

    My idea would be whenever a gen is completed the survivor(s) would be given parts from the gen (ones that were replaced maybe?) and use those to repair breaker boxes. Tho the more i think abt it i see some problems with it. Idk i think it should be something to do with actually routing the power to the gates.

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 509

    I would spawn some ‘scrap piles’ around the map using similar logic to Pig boxes/Freddy clocks.

    Use the old chest searching animation to ‘rummage’ through a pile and get ‘components’ which instead of being an actual item like Nemesis vaccine, would be a buff like last years Halloween crowns.

    Then either each survivor needs that buff before being able to progress a gen; or only 1 survivor needs to take that buff to a gen for that gen to be able to be worked on by everyone.

    Gives both survivors and killers something else to attack/defend as well as encouraging movement around the map, which will lead to more chances of crossing paths with the killer or other survivors and also increase the value of stealth perks.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,977

    As the people said years ago

    Gas Cans Gas Cans Gas Cans

  • PandaChrisPandaChris Member Posts: 133
    edited October 2021

    Why not just make gens have a harder mini game. One where you can't look around all the time while waiting for a skill check.

    This will make perks like spine chill more viable and make generators not only more challenging but engaging.

    This would also promote what angle you feel is best to do the generator while being on the look out. Plus doing a generator would become much more intense when you can't scan around constantly.

  • Another_LegionMainAnother_LegionMain Member Posts: 370

    Why not having to do Generators which open the Exit Gates (now called Transition Gates or something) instantly now but instead of letting you escape it brings you to an extended part of the map where you have to collect fuel to power Reserve Generators (or backup) which then let you escape through Exit Gates.

    There would be 3 Reserve Generators and they only take 50 seconds to fill with petrol but the petrol would be well hidden, any thoughts?

  • Another_LegionMainAnother_LegionMain Member Posts: 370

    Like this?

    You do the gens which open gates to the armoury where you lock and load.

  • Bennett_They1ThemBennett_They1Them Member Posts: 1,780


    that's actually a great idea.

    punching yourself may be a bit easy though, how about a machine to do it for you?

  • Rancid_DischargeRancid_Discharge Applicant Posts: 193

    There should be a massive change to the way dull totems work. There is literally no reason to go for them other than bloodpoints and to counter noed, but if the killer doesn't have it then you cleansed them all for nothing. I think they could do so much more with them and make them impactful on gameplay

  • Bennett_They1ThemBennett_They1Them Member Posts: 1,780

    it may be cool if each killer had a shrine or something based around them hidden in the basement. maybe each one would have unique factors relating to the killer's power?

    eg, a death trap room for pig, a room filled with cages for PH, a room filled with chains for ceno, etc. messing up the shrine, solving the shrine, or the like could grant big bloodpoints in the boldness category. if the shrine's still intact at the end, the killer gets more bp.


  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,016

    Items selected need to be found in game, instead of being taken into them. You want a purple flashlight, it goes into the basement or somewhere else on the map. Same goes for medkits and tool boxes.

  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 938

    I'd make it so the exit gate takes a little bit of time in order to activate after the gens are done that way endgame actually can be something killer's can compete in. So I guess the objective is to survive.

  • LynxxLynxx Member Posts: 158

    Blowing the killer's head off.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 3,912

    Second objective....um...let's see.

    I know, save teammates, heal teammates, waste the killer's time running around things, cleanse hex totems.

    Or maybe, Sabo some hooks, take hits for teammates, open chests, pallet saves...

    I don't know. If we could only think of one more thing survivors could be doing.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 199

    Saving a teammate from assured death situations. I don’t know, like a meat hook, or a cage, something that would require a teammate to intervene to prevent death.

    Nah, too crazy.

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 493

    Lol, tbf tho it's not exactly mandatory as we all know there are selfish players out there who want the hatch. ;)

    Agreed tho, I just wondered if anyone had any ideas, again I'm not saying I want this to be a thing. Was just curious to see what everyone would think :)


    The objective should also have a benefit. If you fuel up the gens then they can't regress past a certain point or something.

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